Nuts About Vitamix: The Benefits of Nut Butter and How to Make it

Nuts About Vitamix: The Benefits of Nut Butter and How to Make it

Although nuts have always been regarded as a “fatty” food, they have in recent years been moved to the category of “good fats,” along with avocado, fish such as salmon, and certain oils. This means that you can expand your options by incorporating more nuts into your diet, whether it’s by sprinkling some on a salad, or turning them into nut butter, which has gained popularity in the past few years. The one drawback of nut butters is that they can be expensive when you expand your horizons past the usual peanut butter. This gives you the perfect excuse to try making your own at home!

Below we’ll show you how to make a variety of nut butters with a Vitamix blender. We also answer the question of what to do with all that nut butter once you’re done! The opportunities go well beyond the standard “PB & J.” Mixing some nut butter into a smoothie to add some protein is always a good idea, as well as adding these butters into popular baking recipes. Most of the recipes are interchangeable when it comes to the type of butter used, so feel free to experiment. Read on for more ideas!

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