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Barrier WD1X1352

Part Number: WD1X1352
Availability: Factory Backorder
Price: $43.66
Date Available: Unknown
Product Information

This part is compatible with the following machines:

GSD2200M35 Dishwasher
GSD580P-25WA Dishwasher
GSD2400D-01 Ge Dishwashers
GSD2230L35WA Dishwasher
GSD630P-35WA Dishwasher
GSD580G-02 Dishwasher
GSD2400G04 Dishwasher
GSD2230L01 Dishwasher
GSD1140M25 Dishwasher
GSD2200L01 Dishwasher
GSC580S01 Dishwasher
GSD530P-35WA Dishwasher
GSD500L-20AW Dishwasher
GSD1250R35 Dishwasher
GSD600G-02 Dishwasher
GSD640L-02 Dishwasher
GSD1130P25WA Dishwasher
GSD640P-25BA Dishwasher
GSD500G-01AW Dishwasher
GSD580K-20 Dishwasher
GSD1250P25 Dishwasher
GSC1120S02 Dishwasher
GSD1200L01 Dishwasher
GSD2200G02 Dishwasher
GSD2200D03 Dishwasher
GSD600L-02 Dishwasher
GSC870M03 Dishwasher
GSD1100L02 Dishwasher
GSD1200G07 Dishwasher
GSD650L-01 Dishwasher
GSD640P-35BA Dishwasher
GSD500P-25WA Dishwasher
GSD1130L20 Dishwasher
GSD2400L20 Dishwasher
GSD500G-02AW Dishwasher
GSD570R-35BA Dishwasher
GSD500G-02WA Dishwasher
GSC870M01 Dishwasher
GSD2230L25WA Dishwasher
GSC580S02 Dishwasher
GSD1200G06 Dishwasher
GSD500L-20WA Dishwasher
GSD2400D05 Dishwasher
GSD2800P36 Dishwasher
GSD640P-25WB Dishwasher
GSD1100G05 Dishwasher
GSD2200D05 Dishwasher
GSD2400L01 Dishwasher
GSD1125S40 Dishwasher
GSD1120P30 Dishwasher
GSD570M-20BA Dishwasher
GSD600G-01 Dishwasher
GSD1130L01 Dishwasher
GSD580P-35BA Dishwasher
GSD1120P25 Dishwasher
GSD500P-25BA Dishwasher
GSD500D-03BD Ge Dishwashers
GSD500P-35BA Dishwasher
GSD600L-20 Dishwasher
GSD2200D-01 Ge Dishwashers
GSD1100L03 Dishwasher
GSD500L-20BA Dishwasher
GSD1000L03 Dishwasher
GSD2200G03 Dishwasher
GSD2200M25 Dishwasher
GSD1130R35WA Dishwasher
GSC820S02 Dishwasher
GSD500G-01BD Dishwasher
GSD2400L02 Dishwasher
GSD1150P35 Dishwasher
GSD640G-02 Dishwasher
GSD640G-01 Dishwasher
GSD1150P25 Dishwasher
GSC820S01 Dishwasher
GSD2800P35 Dishwasher
GSD640P-36WB Dishwasher
GSD580P-35WA Dishwasher
GSD500P-35AW Dishwasher
GSD2800S40 Dishwasher
GSD500L-02BA Dishwasher
GSD500G-01BA Dishwasher
GSD1130L03 Dishwasher
GSD600D-03 Dishwasher
GSD580K-01 Dishwasher
GSD500L-02WA Dishwasher
GSD1100G02 Dishwasher
GSD1200M20 Dishwasher
GSD500D-03BH Ge Dishwashers
GSD1200G02 Dishwasher
GSD1000G01 Dishwasher
GSD640D-03 Dishwasher
GSD1200L02 Dishwasher
GSD1200T06 Dishwasher
GSD1100G03 Dishwasher
GSD1130P30WA Dishwasher
GSD2400G02 Dishwasher
GSC1120S01 Dishwasher
GSD580P-25BA Dishwasher
GSD540G-01 Dishwasher
GSD630P-36WA Dishwasher
GSD2200L02 Dishwasher
GSD500G-01BH Dishwasher
GSD2200G04 Dishwasher
GSD2400G05 Dishwasher
GSD580G-01 Dishwasher
GSD1140M35 Dishwasher
GSD580K-02 Dishwasher
GSD570P-25BA Dishwasher
GSD500L-02AW Dishwasher
GSD640P-35WB Dishwasher
GSD640L-03 Dishwasher
GSD1200G08 Dishwasher
GSD500G-02BA Dishwasher
GSD1200G04 Dishwasher
GSD500D-03BA Ge Dishwashers
GSD500P-25AW Dishwasher
GSD1100M20 Dishwasher
GSD1120R35 Dishwasher
GSD2230L20 Dishwasher
GSD1200L06 Dishwasher
GSD2200M20 Dishwasher
GSD2400G03 Dishwasher
GSD1100L01 Dishwasher
GSD2200G05 Dishwasher
GSD500P-35WA Dishwasher
GSD1130L04 Dishwasher
GSD640P-36BA Dishwasher
GSC870M02 Dishwasher
GSD500D-03AW Ge Dishwashers
ZBD3000R35BW Dishwasher
GSM603G-01 Dishwasher
GSD700G-02 Dishwasher
PSD960K-02 Dishwasher
GSD900L-02 Dishwasher
PSD965M-25 Dishwasher
PSD2260K35 Dishwasher
PSD765M-20 Dishwasher
GSD940G-01 Ge Dishwashers
PSD465M-35BA Dishwasher
GSD830P-35WA Dishwasher
ZBD3300R35WB Dishwasher
GSD940D-03 Ge Dishwashers
GSD900D-03 Ge Dishwashers
PSD1065M20 Dishwasher
GSD820P-25 Dishwasher
GSD900L-02WA Dishwasher
GSD840P-40 Dishwasher
PSD1065M35 Dishwasher
PSD2260K25 Dishwasher
GSD970P-25 Dishwasher
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Dishwasher

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Product Information
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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