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Auger Pulley

Part Number: HG-70331
MTDTroy-BiltCub CadetHuskyYard MachinesYard Man
Availability: Special Order [ more info ]
Price: $161.66
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1 - 4 business days

*This part replaces obsolete part #: HG-2513009 and HG-70079.

Product Information
Manufacturer: MTD, Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, Husky, Yard Machines, Yard Man
Product Number: HG-70331
Classification: Part
Weight: 1.25 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Cub Cadet
56A443TH (56A443TH750) Self-Propelled Spreader 2011 Xp Stand-On Spreader 2011
56A443TH (56A443TH750) (2009 & 2010) Self-Propelled Spreader Xp Stand-On Spreader
56A34DT2 (56A34DT2750) Self-Propelled Spreader Sprayer Xp Stand-On Spreader Sprayer
56A443TH (56A443TH750) (2008 & Before) Self-Propelled Spreader Xp Stand-On Spreader
4814R (495637 & Above, 556C463M100, 555C463M100) Walk-Behind Mower
4815F (556C465M100) Pro Performer
4814R (457900-460859, 553C462M100, 554C462M100, 555C) Walk-Behind Mower
5418F (452900-503790, 555C565K100, 556C565K100) Walk-Behind Mower
5418F (503791 & Above, 553C765K100, 554C765K100, 556) Walk-Behind Mower
5416R (457900-460859, 553C562K100, 554C562K100) Walk-Behind Mower
4816F (457900-503790, 553C565K100, 554C565K100) Walk-Behind Mower
4816F (503791 & Above, 553C565M100, 554C565M100, 556) Walk-Behind Mower
CC30 (13A721JD010) (2017) Hydro Mini Rider
CC30 (13A721JD056) (2017) Hydro Mini Rider
SLTX1050 (13WQ92AP010, 13AQ92AP010) (2011) Tractor 13WQ
SLTX1054 (13WK92AK010, 13WK92AK009, 13WK92AK056) (2011) Tractor 13WK
LGT1050 (13WQ92AP010) (2012) Tractor
LGT1054 (13WK92AK009, 13WK92AK010, 13AK92AK009) (2012) Tractor
LGTX1050 (13WS92AP010) (2013) Tractor
LGTX1054 (13YZ92AK010, 13YZ92AK056, 13AZ92AK056) (2013) Tractor
LGTX1050 (13WS92AP010, 13WS92AP056, 13AS92AP210, 13WS92) (2012) Tractor
LGTX1054 (13YZ92AK010, 13YZ92AK056, 13AZ92AK010) (2012) Tractor
LGT1050 (13WQ92AP010) (2013) Tractor
LGT1050 (13WQ92AP010) (2014) Tractor
LGT1054 (13WK92AK009, 13WK92AK010, 13AK92AK056, 13WK92) (2013) Tractor
LGT1054 (13WK92AK010) (2014) Tractor Sv Engine
LGTX1050 (13WS92AP010) (2014) Tractor
LGTX1054 (13YZ92AK010) (2014) Tractor
LTX1050KH (13WQ91AP009, 13WQ91AP010, 13WQ91AP210, 13AQ91) (2011) Tractor
LTX1050KW (13WF91AP010, 13WF91AP056, 13AF91AP010) (2011) Tractor
LTX1046 (13YP91AT010, 13BP91AT010) (2011) Tractor
LTX1046KW (13WG91AT010, 13WG91AT056, 13AG91AT010) (2011) Tractor
LTX1046M (13WP91AT010, 13WP91AT009, 13WP91AT210, 13AP91) (2013) Tractor
LTX1046M (13WP91AT010, 13WP91AT009, 13WP91AT210, 13AP91) (2014) Tractor
LTX1042KH (13AP91AS010, 13AP91AS056, 13WP91AS056) (2013) Tractor
LTX1045 (13AX91AT056, 13WX91AT010, 13WX91AT056, 13AX91) (2013) Tractor
LTX1042 (13YX91AS010, 13BX91AS010, 13YX91AS210) (2011) Tractor
LTX1045 (13WX91AT010, 13WX91AT056) (2011) Tractor
LTX1046M (13WP91AT010, 13WP91AT009, 13WP91AT210, 13AP91) (2011) Tractor
LTX1050KH (13AQ91AP056, 13WQ91AP009, 13WQ91AP010, 13WQ91) (2013) Tractor
LTX1046M (13WP91AT010, 13WP91AT009, 13WP91AT210, 13AP91) (2012) Tractor
LTX1050KH (13WQ91AP009, 13WQ91AP010, 13WQ91AP056, 13WQ91) (2012) Tractor
LTX1045 (13WX91AT010, 13WX91AT056, 13AX91AT010, 13AX91) (2012) Tractor
LT1042 (13AX11CG010) (2008 & After) Tractor
LT1045 (13AX11CH009, 13AX11CH010, 13RX11CH056, 13RX11) (2008 & After) Tractor
LT1046 (13AP11CH010) (2008 & After) Tractor
LT1050 (13AQ11CP009, 13AQ11CP010, 13RQ11CP056, 13RQ11) (2008 & After) Tractor
LTX1050KW (13WI91AP010, 13WI93AP010, 13AI93AP010) (2012) Tractor
LTX1046KW (13WF91AT010, 13WF93AT010, 13AF93AT210, 13WF93) (2012) Tractor
LTX1042KW (13WG91AS010, 13WG93AS010, 13AG93AS210, 13WG93) (2012) Tractor
GT1554 (14AK13CK, 1K015 & Before, 14AK13CK709, 14AK13) Tractor Command Engine
SLT1550 (13AQ11BP010) (2008 & After) Tractor
SLT1554 (13AK11BK009, 13AK11BK010) (2008 & After) Tractor Courage Engine
LTX1046 (13WP91AT010) (2010) Tractor
LTX1042 (13AX91AS010, 13WX91AS010) (2010) Tractor
LTX1045 (13AX91AT010, 13RX91AT056, 13WX91AT010) (2010) Tractor
SLTX1050 (13WQ92AP010, 13AQ92AP010) (2010) Tractor
SLTX1054 (13AK92AK010, 13AK92AK056, 13WK92AK010) (2010) Tractor
GT1222 (14AB13CH710) Tractor
LTX1046 (13AP91AT010) (2009) Tractor
LTX1050KW (13AF91AP010, 13WF91AP010, 13RF91AP056) (2010 & Before) Tractor
LTX1050KH (13AP91AP010, 13AP91AP056, 13RP91AP056) (2009) Tractor
LTX1042 (13AX91AR010) (2009) Tractor
LT1022 (13AB11CH710, 13AB11CH712) Tractor
LT1024 (13AR11CP712, 13AR11CP710) Tractor
SLT1554 (13AK11CK709, 13AK11CK710, 13AK11CK712) Tractor Command Engine
LTX1045 (13AX91AT010, 13AX91AT056, 13RX91AT056, 13AX91) (2009) Tractor
SLT1550 (13AQ11BP756, 13AQ11BP710, 13RQ11BP756) (2007 & Before) Tractor
SLT1554 (13AK11BK709, 13AK11BK710) (2007 & Before) Tractor Courage Engine
GT1554 (14AK13BK, 1K015-1K017, 14AK13BK709, 14AK13BK7) Tractor Courage Or Command Engine
LT1018 (13AL11CG710, 13AB11CG712, 13AB11CG710, 13AX11) Tractor
LT1042 (13BX11CG710, 13BX11CG709, 13BX11CG712, 13AX11) (2007 & Before) Tractor
LT1046 (13AP11CH710, 13AP11CH709) (2007 & Before) Tractor
LT1050 (13AQ11CP709, 13AQ11CP712, 13AQ11CP710, 13AP11) (2007 & Before) Tractor
LT1045 (13AX11CH710, 13AX11CH712, 13AX11CH709, 13AX11) (2007 & Before) Tractor
LTX1046VT (13VR91AT010, 13VR91AT009, 13VR91AT209) (2009 & Before, 2009) Tractor
LTX1050VT (13VR91AP010, 13VR91AP009) (2009 & Before, 2009) Tractor
LTX1046VT (13VR91AT010, 13WR91AT010, 13VR91AT009, 13WR91) (2010 & After, 2010) Tractor
LTX1050VT (13VR91AP010, 13WR91AP010, 13VR91AP009, 13WR91) (2010 & After, 2010) Tractor
SLTX1054VT (13VR92AK009, 13WR92AK010, 13WR92AK009) Tractor
GT2000 (14W-3DM-010, 14W-3DM-210) (2013) Tractor
GTX2000 (14W-3FM-010, 14W-3FM-210) (2013) Tractor
GT2042 (14W-3DMS010, 14A-3DMS010) (2014) Tractor
GT2050 (14A-3JMP010) (2014) Tractor
GT2148 (14A-3JEB010) (2014) Tractor
GTX2154 (14A-3GEC010, 14A-3GE-010, GTX2100) (2014) Tractor Tractor
GT2000 (14W-3DM-010, 14W-3DM-210) (2011) Tractor
GTX2100 (14W-3GE-010) (2013) Tractor
GT2100 (14W-3AE-010) (2011) Tractor
GTX2100 (14W-3GE-010, 14Y-3GE-010) (2011) Tractor
GTX2154LE (14W-3GEC010) (2011) Tractor
1525 (13A-221F100) Tractor 1000
1529 (13A-261H100) Tractor 1000
1527 (13A-241G100) Tractor 1000
1515 (13A-201F100) Tractor 1000
1517 (13A-231G100) Tractor 1000
GT2554 (14A-2A7K010) (2009 & After) Tractor
GT2542 (14A-2D2G010) (2009 & After) Tractor
GT2550 (14A-2E7P010) (2009 & After) Tractor
GT2544 (14A-2E7L010) (2009 & After) Tractor
GT2550 (14A-2E7P710) Tractor Mfg Date K015 - K018
2185 (1A031G & After, 13B-288-100) Tractor
2185 (239001-326005, 135-288-100, 134-288-100) Tractor
2135 (239001-326005, 135-214F100, 134-214F100) Tractor
2165 (239001-326005, 135-268-100, 134-268-100) Tractor
2185 (326006-389000, 13A-288-100, 136-288-100) Tractor & 1I017G - 1I310G
2206 (13A-298M100) Tractor
2145 (239001-326005, 134-234G100, 135-234G100) Tractor
2165 (326006 & Up, 13A-268-100, 136-268-100) Tractor
2186 (13A-288L100, 13B-288M100) Tractor
2176 (13A-274G100) Tractor
2146 (13A-224F100) Tractor
2166 (13A-214G100, 13A-254G100) Tractor
2164 (13A-264G100) Tractor
2135 (326006 & Up, 136-214F100, 13B-214F100, 13A-21) Tractor
2155 (326006 & Up, 13A-244G100, 13B-244G100, 136-24) Tractor
LT2042 (13A-286G710) Tractor
LT2138 (13A-214F710) Tractor
GT2544 (13A-2D7L710) Tractor Mfg Date K015 & Before
GT2550 (13A-2C7P710) Tractor Mfg Date K015 & Before
GT2186-48 (13A-298M712, 13A-298M710) Tractor
GT2554 (13A-2A7K710) Tractor Mfg Date K015 & Before
GT2523-54 (13A-2A8K710) Tractor
GT2186-44 (13A-298L712, 13A-298L710) Tractor
GT2521-48 (13A-278M710) Tractor
LT2180 (13A-254G712, 13A-254G710) Tractor
GT2542 (14A-2D2G710) (2008 & Before) Tractor
2518-44 (13B-288L100, 13A-208L100) Tractor
2518-48 (13A-288M100, 13A-208M100) Tractor
GT2544 (14A-2C7L710, 14A-2E7L710) Tractor Mfg Date K015 - K018
GT2554 (14A-2A7K710, 14A-2A7K010) (2008) Tractor Mfg Date K015 - K018
i1042 (17WE9BKR010, ZTT42) (2011) Tractor
i1050 (17AF9BKP010, 17AF9BKP056, 17AF9BKP009, ZTT50,) (2008-2010) Tractor Tractor
i1050 (17WF9BKP010, ZTT50) (2011) Tractor 2011
i1046 (17AF9BKH709, 17AF9BKH710, 17AF9BKH756, 17RF9B) (2007 & Before) Tractor Tractor
i1050 (17AF9BKP709, 17AF9BKP710, 17AF9BKP756, 17RF9B) (2007 & Before) Tractor Tractor
i1042 (17AE9BKR010, 17AE9BKR056, 17RE9BKR056, 17RE9B) (2010 & Before) Tractor
i1046 (17AF9BKH010, 17AF9BKH056, 17AE9BKH010, ZTT46) (2008 & After) Tractor Tractor
XT3-GS (14W-3JM-010) (2016) Tractor
XT3-GS (14B-3JM-010, 14W-3JM-010) (2015) Tractor
XT3-GS (14A-3JM-010) (2017) Tractor
XT3-GS (14Y-3JM-010) (2017) Tractor
XT3-GSE (14B-3GE-010, 14Z-3GE-010) (2015) Tractor
XT3-GSE (147-3GE-010) (2016) Tractor
XT3-GSE (14C-3GE-010) (2016) Tractor
XT3-GSX (14AD3LE-010, 14WD3LE-010) (2015) Tractor
XT3-GSX (14BD3LE-010) (2016) Tractor
XT3-GSX (14YD3LE-010) (2016) Tractor
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Lawn Mower
  • • Lawn Tractor
Questions & Answers

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Product Information
Manufacturer: MTD, Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, Husky, Yard Machines, Yard Man
Product Number: HG-70331
Classification: Part
Weight: 1.25 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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