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Anti-Reverse Cam Spring

Part Number: RD1520
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Shimano
Product Number: RD1520
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This authentic part is supplied by the original equipment manufacturer for use with Shimano fishing reels. The spring applies tension on the connected parts. Unfortunately, over time it will wear out and it may begin to stretch eventually requiring a replacement. This high-quality spring is made of durable metal and is sold as an individual item. Check the diagrams for your model to ensure the proper repair procedure. A screwdriver might be needed to replace this anti-reverse cam spring.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

1000FE Sahara Spinning Reel
AX-2500FB AX Spinning Reel
FX-2500FB FX Spinning Reel
SE-500FD Sedona Spinning Reel
SE-2500FD Sedona Spinning Reel
SN-500FD Sienna FD Spinning Reel
SN-2500FD Sienna RD Spinning Reel
SN-2500RD Sienna RD Spinning Reel
SO-2500FI Solstance Spinning Reel
SON-2500FB Sonora Spinning Reel
STCI4-1000F Stradic Spinning Reel
STCI4-1000FML Stradic Spinning Reel
STCI4-4000F Stradic Spinning Reel
SY-1500RJ Symetre RJ Spinning Reel
SY-2500RJ Symetre RJ Spinning Reel
SP-3000FA Spheros Saltwater Spinning Reel
4000RB Sidestab Spinning Reel
AX4000F AX Spinning Reel
AX4000FA AX Spinning Reel
AX4000RA AX Spinning Reel
AX6000FA AX Spinning Reel
CX2500RB CX Spinning Reel
CX4000RA CX Spinning Reel
SA-1000FE Sustain Spinning Reel
SA-2500FD Sustain Spinning Reel
SA-4000FD Sustain Spinning Reel
SA-5000FD Sustain Spinning Reel
SA5000FE Sustain Spinning Reel
SAR-1000F Saros Spinning Reel
SAR-2500F Saros Spinning Reel
SAR-3000F Saros Spinning Reel
SH500FD Sahara Spinning Reel
SH750FB Sahara Spinning Reel
SH1000F Sahara Spinning Reel
SH1000FA Sahara Spinning Reel
SH1000FE Sahara Spinning Reel
SH1500FB Sahara Spinning Reel
SH2000FA Sahara Spinning Reel
SH-2500FD Sahara Spinning Reel
SH3000FD Sahara Spinning Reel
SH4000F Sahara Spinning Reel
SH-4000FA Sahara Spinning Reel
SN2500FB Sienna Spinning Reel
SN4000FA Sienna Spinning Reel
SO4000FD Solstace Spinning Reel
SO4000FE Solstace Spinning Reel
SO4000RD Solstace Spinning Reel
SO4000RE Solstace Spinning Reel
SO4000RG Solstace Spinning Reel
SON1000F Sonora Spinning Reel
SON-1500FA Sonora Spinning Reel
SON2000F Sonora Spinning Reel
SON-2500FA Sonora Spinning Reel
SON4000F Sonora Spinning Reel
SP4000FA Spheros Spinning Reel
SR4000FB Spirex Spinning Reel
SR4000FD Spirex Spinning Reel
SR-4000FE Spirex Spinning Reel
SR4000RB Spirex Spinning Reel
SR4000RD Spirex Spinning Reel
ST1000FE Stradic Spinning Reel
ST-1000FI Stradic Spinning Reel
ST2000FE Stradic Spinning Reel
ST4000FE Stradic Spinning Reel
ST4000FG Stradic Spinning Reel
ST-4000FI Stradic Spinning Reel
ST-5000FI Stradic Spinning Reel
ST8000 Stradic Spinning Reel
SY-750FI Symetre Spinning Reel
SY-1500FI Symetre Spinning Reel
SY2500FI Symetre Spinning Reel
SY-2500RI Symetre Spinning Reel
ST-4000FH Stradic Spinning Reel
2000FA Sahara Spinning Reel
SE750FB Sedona
2500MGFA Stradic Spinning Reel
ST-2500FH Stradic Spinning Reel
IX4000R Spinning IX
FX2500FB Spinning Reel FX
SA4000FE Spinning Reel Sustain
SE1500FB Sprinning Reel Sedona
SE1500RB Sprinning Reel Sedona
SE2500FB Sprinning Reel Sedona
SE2500RB Sprinning Reel Sedona
SE4000FB Sprinning Reel Sedona
SE4000RB Sprinning Reel Sedona
SH1000FD Sprinning Reel Sahara
SH2500FB Sprinning Reel Sahara
SH4000FB Sprinning Reel Sahara
SI2500RE Sprinning Reel Sidestab
SL2500FB Sprinning Reel Slade
SON4000FA Sprinning Reel Sonora
SY500FJ Spinning Reel Symetre
SY1000FJ Spinning Reel Symetre
SY3000FJ Spinning Reel Symetre
SY2500FJ Spinning Reel Symetre
SY1500RI Spinning Reel Symetre
SY-2000FH Symetre Front Drag Spinning Reel
ST-5000FH Stradic Spinning Reel
SH500FE Sahara Spinning Reel
NEX2500FD Nexave Spinning Reel
SY500FL Symetre Front Drag Spinning Reel
ULT5500XTC Ultegra Xtd Spinning Reel
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  • • Reel
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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Shimano Ultegra Scott 10000 overhaul
Saltwater did a number on my reel over the last fall surf fishing run. I did a complete tear down of every part and replaced anything that was necessary

The hardest spring to get in place is the anti reverse spring, I’m not sure if some special tool would have helped but eventually I was able to get it in place with a pair of needle nose and keep the cam switch locked in place with tape so it wouldn’t move while I adjusted the spring in place.

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Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Anti-Reverse Cam Spring - RD1520
Friction Ring - RD8147
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
30-60 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Wrench Set
Friction ring disintegrated, causing unplanned bail closures. Also, while taking apart reel, didn't realize I lost the anti-reverse cam spring.
1. Took rotor, anti-reverse, and lower reel body off per YouTube description.
2. With photo of where the ant-reverse cam spring went, I "figured out" how it was configured and, with some nimble pressing with a small flat-head screwdriver, got it in place.
3. BE CAREFUL: if you don't keep tension on the anti-reverse selector, the cam spring WILL shoot out and become lost in shag carpet --(found it!)
4. Once the back of the reel was put together, took a Phillips head and removed the white plastic bail trip to install the friction ring with the rounded side out.
5. Note: friction ring looked too small for the Shimano Stradic 4000 FE but was right size.
6. Reel works great and bail doesn't trip suddenly, sending my lures to a watery grave.
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  • Wrong part, right shape but way too small
    Too small.
    Anonymous - June 28, 2022 Verified Purchase
    eReplacementParts Team
    Hi Paul, Thank you for your review. Please accept our apologies for this situation. We will be in touch with you shortly regarding your order.
    Verified Purchase
    eReplacementParts Team
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    Product Information
    Manufacturer: Shimano
    Product Number: RD1520
    Classification: Part
    Weight: 0.01 lbs.
    Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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