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Actuator,​ Switch

Part Number: 00472059
Availability: Factory Backorder [ more info ]
Price: $890.11
Date Available: Unknown

*This part replaces obsolete part #: 00142103 and 359807.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Estate
Product Number: 00472059
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.05 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

LT5000XVW0 Laundry Center
LT5004XVW0 Laundry Center
LT4905XMW0 Laundry Centers
LT5100XVW0 Laundry Center
LT4900XSW1 Laundry Center
LT4900XSW2 Laundry Center
LT5000XSW3 Laundry Center
LT5004XSW3 Laundry Center
LT5000XSW1 Laundry Center
LT5000XSW2 Laundry Center
LT5004XSW1 Laundry Center
LT5004XSW2 Laundry Center
LT4900XSW3 Laundry Center
JWP21000 Laundry Centers
JWP21080 Laundry Centers
JV020000 Laundry Centers
JV020080 Laundry Centers
LT7000XVW0 Washer/Dryer Combo
LT7000XVW0 Washer/Dryer Combo
LT7004XVW0 Laundry Centers
LT7100XVW0 Laundry Centers
LT5000XMW0 Laundry Center
LT5004XMW0 Laundry Center
LT7000XTW0 Laundry Center
LT7000XTW1 Laundry Center
LT7004XTW0 Laundry Centers
LT7004XTW1 Laundry Centers
LT5000XMW1 Laundry Center
LT5004XMW1 Laundry Center
LT4900XMW0 Laundry Center
LT5005XMW0 Laundry Center
LT5009XMW0 Laundry Center
LT4900XMW2 Laundry Center
LT5100XSW0 Laundry Centers
LT5100XSW1 Laundry Centers
LT4900XMW1 Laundry Center
3LA5800XSW0 Washer
AL4132VW0 Washer
AL4132VL0 Washer
AL4132VG0 Washer
AL5143VG0 Washer
AL2121WW0 Washer
AL5143VL0 Washer
AL5143VW0 Washer
GCA2701XSW0 Commercial Washer
3CA2781XSW0 Commercial Washer
GCA2781XSW0 Commercial Washer
AL3132WL0 Washer
AL3132WW0 Washer
AL3132WG0 Washer
AX5133VW0 Washer
AX5133VL0 Washer
AX5133VG0 Washer
AL6245VG0 Washer
AX6245VG0 Washer
6LA9320XTW0 Washer
AX6245VL0 Washer
AX6245VW0 Washer
AL6245VL0 Washer
AL6245VW0 Washer
6LA5400XWW0 Washer
6LA5400XWF0 Washer
6LA6300XTW0 Washer
6LA6300XTF0 Washer
6LA6300XTN0 Washer
6LA5400XWG0 Washer
6LA6300XTM0 Washer
6LA6300XTG0 Washer
6LA5400XWM0 Washer
6LA5400XWN0 Washer
6LA6300XTG1 Washer
3LA5580XSW0 Washer
6LA6300XTF1 Washer
6LA6300XTM1 Washer
6LA6300XTW1 Washer
6LA6300XTN1 Washer
GCA2701XSW1 Commercial Washer
4LA6300XXF0 Washer
4LA6300XXM0 Washer
4LA6300XXG0 Washer
4LA6300XXW0 Washer
4LA6300XXN0 Washer
3LA5580XSW1 Washer
4LA9300XTW0 Washer
6LA5800XTM0 Washer
6LA5800XTG0 Washer
6LA5800XTF0 Washer
6LA5800XTW0 Washer
6LA5800XTN0 Washer
6LA5800XTN1 Washer
6LA5800XTF1 Washer
6LA5800XTW1 Washer
6LA5800XTG1 Washer
6LA5800XTM1 Washer
3LA5580XSW2 Washer
4CA2762XWN0 Commercial Washer
4CA2762XWG0 Commercial Washer
4CA2762XWW0 Commercial Washer
9CA2781XSN1 Washer
CA2452XTW0 Commercial Washer
CA2762XSW1 Commercial Washer
CA2762XSW0 Commercial Washer
CA2751XSW0 Commercial Washer
CA2751XSW1 Commercial Washer
CA2751XWW0 Commercial Washer
CA2762XWW0 Commercial Washer
CA2751XSW2 Commercial Washer
CA2751XSW4 Commercial Washer
CA2751XSW5 Commercial Washer
CA2762XSW5 Commercial Washer
CA2762XSW4 Commercial Washer
9CA2781XSW0 Commercial Washer
9CA2781XSW1 Commercial Washer
CA2452XSW1 Commercial Washer
CA2762XSW2 Commercial Washer
LA5705XTW0 Residential Automatic Washer
LA5705XTW1 Residential Automatic Washer
LA6400XPW1 Residential Washer
LA6500XSW0 Residential Washer
LA5500XSG1 Residential Automatic Washer
LA5700XPW0 Residential Automatic Washer
LA5591XPW3 Residential Washer
LA6500XPW1 Residential Washer
LA5500XSN1 Residential Automatic Washer
LA5500XSM1 Residential Automatic Washer
LA5500XSF1 Residential Automatic Washer
LA5700XSW0 Residential Automatic Washer
LA5200XTW0 Residential Washer
LA5700XPW6 Residential Automatic Washer
LA5700XPW1 Residential Automatic Washer
LA6500XPW0 Residential Washer
LA6500XPW6 Residential Washer
LA6400XPW0 Residential Washer
LA6400XPW6 Residential Washer
LA5700XPW4 Residential Automatic Washer
LA6400XPW4 Residential Washer
LA6500XPW4 Residential Washer
LA6500XPW5 Residential Washer
LA7780XSW1 Residential Washer
LA5700XPW3 Residential Automatic Washer
LA5700XPW5 Residential Automatic Washer
LA6400XPW3 Residential Washer
LA5720XTW0 Residential Automatic Washer
LA6400XPW5 Residential Washer
LA5700XSW1 Residential Automatic Washer
LA6500XPW2 Residential Washer
LA5700XSW2 Residential Automatic Washer
LA6800XSW1 Residential Washer
LA9480XWW1 Residential Washer
LA9500XTF0 Residential Automatic Washer
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Dryer
  • • Washer
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Estate
Product Number: 00472059
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.05 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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