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5/​32" Hex Key

Part Number: 045023
NordicTrackProFormFreemotionHealthRiderGolds GymWeslo
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Product Information
Manufacturer: NordicTrack, ProForm, Freemotion, HealthRider, Golds Gym, Weslo
Product Number: 045023
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.02 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This accessory is OEM sourced to be used with treadmills and recumbent bikes from NordicTrack. The metal hex key is an accessory that would have come with a new machine. This item is used to drive screws or bolts that have a hexagonal hole in their heads. This item is priced as a single item.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

NTL069070 (42105) Treadmill
NTL069071 (A2105) Treadmill
NTL069072 (A2105) Treadmill
NTL069073 (A2105) Treadmill
NTL077070 (C2155) Treadmill
NTL077071 (C2155) Treadmill
NTL077072 (C2155) Treadmill
NTL077074 (C2155) Treadmill
NTL077075 (C2155) Treadmill
NTL077090 (27 XI) Treadmill
NTL079080 (T7SI) Treadmill
NTL079081 (T7SI) Treadmill
NTL079082 (T7SI) Treadmill
NTL079083 (T7SI) Treadmill
NTL080090 (A2550 Pro) Treadmill
NTL080091 (A2550 Pro) Treadmill
NTL080092 (A2550 Pro) Treadmill
NTL080094 (A2550 Pro) Treadmill
NTL080100 (T 8.0) Treadmill
NTL080101 (T 8.0) Treadmill
NTL090070 (C2500) Treadmill
NTL090071 (C2500) Treadmill
NTL091070 (A2550) Treadmill
NTL091071 (A2550) Treadmill
NTL091072 (A2550) Treadmill
NTL091073 (A2550) Treadmill
NTL099080 (T9CI) Treadmill
NTL112090 (4500) Reflex Pro Treadmill
NTL112091 (4500) Reflex Pro Treadmill
NTL118080 (ZI) Elite Treadmill
NTL119090 (8500) Reflex Pro Treadmill
NTL119091 (8500) Reflex Pro Treadmill
NTL123090 (1500) Commercial Treadmill
NTL123100 (A2350 Pro) Treadmill
NTL123101 (A2350 Pro) Treadmill
NTL149080 (XT) Elite Treadmill
NTL150080 (X3) Inclne Trainer Treadmill
NTL150081 (X3) Inclne Trainer Treadmill
NTL150082 (X3) Inclne Trainer Treadmill
NTL150083 (X3) Inclne Trainer Treadmill
NTL150084 (X3) Inclne Trainer Treadmill
NTL150085 (X3) Inclne Trainer Treadmill
NTL157080 (4600) Apex Treadmill
NTL158090 (1750) Commercial Treadmill
NTL158091 (1750) Commercial Treadmill
NTL158092 (1750) Commercial Treadmill
NTL17950 (E3000) Treadmill
NTL17952 (E3000) Treadmill
NTL189050 (S1900) Treadmill
NTL191090 (T9.1) Treadmill
NTL24950 Viewpoint Treadmill
NTL24952 Viewpoint Treadmill
NTL24953 Viewpoint Treadmill
NTL600101 (T5.3) Treadmill
NTL600102 (T5.3) Treadmill
NTL610090 (T5ZI) Treadmill
NTL610091 (T5ZI) Treadmill
NTL610092 (T5ZI) Treadmill
NTL610111 (T5.7) Treadmill
NTTL24080 (3000L) Powertread Treadmill
CAUEX25023 (EBR9600) Tv Ausse Bike
CEENX22523 (9600) Basic Int Eng Bike
CEENX25023 (9600) Tv Int Eng Bike
CFNEX22523 (9600) Bike
CINEX22523 (9600) Recumbant Bike
CINEX25023 (9600) Recumbant Bike
CISEX22523 (9600) Basic Israel Bike
CISEX25023 (9600) Tv Israel Bike
CSNEX22523 (9600) Recumbant Bike
CSNEX25023 (9600) Recumbant Bike
247660 (42105) Treadmill
247661 (42105) Treadmill
247662 (A2105) Treadmill
247663 (A2105) Treadmill
247671 (C2155) Treadmill
247672 (C2155) Treadmill
247674 (C2155) Treadmill
247675 (C2155) Treadmill
247690 (A2550) Treadmill
247691 (A2550) Treadmill
247692 (A2550) Treadmill
247693 (A2550) Treadmill
247790 (C2500) Treadmill
247791 (C2500) Treadmill
248110 (ZI) Elite Treadmill
248140 (XT) Elite Treadmill
248160 (X3) Incline Trainer Treadmill
248161 (X3) Incline Trainer Treadmill
248162 (X3) Incline Trainer Treadmill
248163 (X3) Incline Trainer Treadmill
248164 (X3) Incline Trainer Treadmill
248165 (X3) Incline Trainer Treadmill
248166 (X3) Incline Trainer Treadmill
248670 (T7SI) Treadmill
248671 (T7SI) Treadmill
248672 (T7SI) Treadmill
248673 (T7SI) Treadmill
248790 (T9CI) Treadmill
249550 (T5ZI) Treadmill
249551 (T5ZI) Treadmill
249552 (T5ZI) Treadmill
249651 (T 5.3) Treadmill
249652 (T 5.3)
249670 (A2550) PRO
249671 (A2550) PRO
249672 (A2550) PRO
NTL080093 (A2550) PRO
249674 (A2550) PRO
249790 (A2750) PRO
249791 (A2750) PRO
249792 (A2750) PRO
NTL010093 (A2750) PRO
249794 (A2750) PRO
249851 (T 5.7)
249870 (T 8.0)
249871 (T 8.0)
295130 (E3000)
295132 (E3000)
295180 Viewpoint
295182 Viewpoint
295183 Viewpoint
CGNTK65023 Treadmill
CGNTK92523 Treadmill
CGNTK95023 Treadmill
CINTK62523 Treadmill
CINTK65023 Treadmill
CINTK92521 Treadmill
CINTK92523 Treadmill
CINTK95023 Treadmill
CISTK62523 Treadmill
CISTK65023 Treadmill
CISTK92523 Treadmill
CISTK95023 Treadmill
CKOTK62523 Treadmill
CKOTK65023 Treadmill
CKOTK92523 Treadmill
CKOTK95023 Treadmill
CSNTK62523 Treadmill
CSNTK65023 Treadmill
CSNTK92523 Treadmill
CSNTK95023 Treadmill
CSPTK62523 Treadmill
CSPTK65023 Treadmill
CSPTK92523 Treadmill
CSPTK95023 Treadmill
CTK65020 Treadmill
NATL812050 Treadmill
NATL822050 Treadmill
NETL127101 Treadmill
NETL127102 Treadmill
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Exercise Bike
  • • Treadmill
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Product Information
Manufacturer: NordicTrack, ProForm, Freemotion, HealthRider, Golds Gym, Weslo
Product Number: 045023
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.02 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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