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Repair Parts Home    Lawn Equipment Parts    Shindaiwa Parts    12313719830 Valve-Inlet Needle
Valve-Inlet Needlezoom view icon

Valve-Inlet Needle

Part Number: 12313719830
Availability: 2 in stock
Leaves our warehouse within 1 business day.
Price: $9.75


*This part replaces obsolete part #: and 20036-81440.


This part is compatible with the following machines:

285S 285S Chainsaw
352S Chainsaw
377 Chainsaw
446S Chainsaw
488 Chainsaw
490 EPA2 Chainsaw
502S EPA2 Chainsaw
22F (Before 4100001) Trimmer
22F (After 4100001) Trimmer
M230 Multipurpose Tool
M231 Multipurpose Tool
M2500 Multipurpose Tool
LT-20 Trimmer
T-20 Trimmer
F-18 Trimmer
T-18 Trimmer
F230 Trimmer
C-20 Brushcutter
T220 Trimmer
C230 Brushcutter
EB344 (T15612001001 - T15612999999) Sopladora Blower
EB344 (T15711001001 - T15711999999) Sopladora Blower
EB854 (T14112001001 - T14112999999) Backpack Blower
EB854 (T14211001001 - T14211999999) Backpack Blower
EB854RT (T14412001001 - T14412999999) Backpack Blower
EB854RT (T14511001001 - T14511999999) Backpack Blower
C344 (T15012001001 - T15012999999) Brushcutter
C344 (T15111001001 - T15111999999) Brushcutter
PS344 (T15312001001 - T15312999999) Powerbroom
PS344 (T15411001001 - T15411999999) Powerbroom
T344 (T14712001001 - T14712999999) Trimmer
T344 (T14811001001 - T14811999999) Trimmer
GP344 (T15912001001 - T15912999999) Water Pump
GP344 (T16011001001 - T16011999999) Water Pump
T242 Trimmer
575 Chainsaw
EB8510RT Backpack Blower
EB240 Backpack Blower
C3410 Brushcutter
357 Gas Chainsaw
360 Gas Chainsaw
400 Gas Chainsaw
577 Gas Chainsaw
680 Gas Chainsaw
695 Gas Chainsaw
EC7500 Engine Cut-Off Saw
EC7600 Engine Cut-Off Saw
LE2510 Lawn Edger
F21 Gas Trimmer
T230 (2000303 and Up) Gas Trimmer
T230X (2000303 and Up) Gas Trimmer
T230XR-EMC (36005665-36007144) Gas Trimmer
T230XR-EMC (9013195-9095664) Gas Trimmer
22DH Hedge Trimmer
HT20 Hedge Trimmer
M2510 Multi-Tool
PS344 (T15513001001-T15513999999) Power Broom
757 Chainsaw
22T Trimmer

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Product Information
Manufacturer: Echo, Shindaiwa
Category Number: 12313719830
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide world wide shipping icon
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