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176-64-1 Valve - Check

Part Number: 176-64-1
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: and 176-64.


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Discussion for Valve - Check - ( 176-64-1 )
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How do you install the small, red rubber check valve in the purge system of the WT-308 carb? (I have the Walbro tool kit; however, the valve stem is much larger than the small opening ...none of the tools seems to work to force the stem thru the small aperture.)
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Hello, It is kind of like getting a fuel line through the fuel tank, it has to be squeezed tight thru the orifice. If it seems way too large, it may be the wrong check valve.
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Thx for the reply.

AFAIK the part is correct (#176-64-1 from the Walbro parts list for the WT-308 Carburetor)'s the "orange" valve (I've tried the black one also.)

Do you use one of the tools from the Walbro Carb Rebuild Tool Kit or something else? Any kind of lubrication? I'm at a loss as to how to make it pass thru the orifice; as I've tried all the kit tools; which only succeeded in destroying 3 brand new valves as the stem tore on each I've tried a Teflon based lubricant ...still, "no go." I've rebuilt the entire carb (it's no longer produced) even down to replacing the Welch plug and the large screen as well as the tiny screen, ring clip and cup plug ...but this valve has got me stymied!!!
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Hello reynoldsg257 It is a little odd it will not go in the carburetor. I believe what you say however. I have replaced them before and just tried pinching it together with my fingers as tight as I could and pushing it through. It took a few tries to get it in and seated as I recall. I remember your thread from earlier .I know you do not want to destroy anymore of these check valves. Have you tried just pinching it and forcing it into place? Some folks are inclined to use needle nosed pliars doing this, but risk destroying the rubber valve material. That is why I only suggest using your fingers.
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