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14818-00 Switch,Trigger

Part Number: 14818-00
DeWALTBlack and Decker
Availability: Discontinued

This part is no longer available from the manufacturer.
Includes part number 20405-00
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Question: Black And Decker 5/8 Drill


where can i find a switch or something from another drill tha i can make work (14818-00)
Reply: Black And Decker 5/8 Drill


Hello walmsci,

I may have found a switch that might sub for the Black and Decker 14818-00. It is a Milwaukee switch, part number 23-66-0166. Its overall length is 3-3/8 inches, width 3/4 inch, 8 AMP@250V, 16AMP@125V. With trigger lock.
This is a Trap Door Switch. We do have an article and video on How to Wire a 'Trap Door' Power Switch. Hope this helps,

Question: Trigger Switch


Does anyone know about any other switches that might work for this grinder
Reply: Trigger Switch


Hello 1074815,

You should be able to this switch to work. It is part number 864459.

Hope this helps,
Product Information
Manufacturer: DeWALT, Black and Decker
Category Number: 14818-00
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide world wide shipping icon
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