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Part Number: 610929-000
Availability: Discontinued

This part is no longer available from the manufacturer.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Discussion for Switch - ( 610929-000 )
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Question: MN. 315.1725


Why is the switch for this jig saw not available?Is there an other switch that will work?
Reply: MN. 315.1725


Hello DHillery,

Even though the Craftsman 610929-000 switch is no longer available from the manufacture. You may want to try link removed. They have a good variety of power tool switches that some of the tool manufactures no longer supply.

Good luck,
Question: Switch 610929-000


I have a Craftsman Scroller saw and looking for the speed switch P/N 610929-000. It shows as not available. Are there any still around? Would like to purchase one ASAP. Please contact me. The rest of this tool is in perfect condition and would like to keep it. Thank you.
Reply: Switch 610929-000


Hello alarmdr412,

It looks somewhat like the Porter Cable 802441 switch. But if that is not what you need. Try this company link removed.

Good luck,
Product Information
Manufacturer: Craftsman
Category Number: 610929-000
Classification: Part
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