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How to Locate Your Sunheat Model Number

Every Sunheat model will have a model number. This number is required to look up parts for your model. If you still have the owners manual that came with your product, you can look on the first few pages to find your model number. Otherwise, you’ll need to find it on the unit itself.

Sunheat places their model numbers on a white sticker on the back of the product. On this label, Sunheat labels what each number is. This means that as soon as you find the identification sticker, you’ll find the model number.

Some examples of Sunheat model numbers include: MA2000, F15, SH750.

Now that you’ve found your model number you can enter it into the box provided above and start searching for parts.

Sunheat Repairs from A to Z

Unlike other online retailers, we offer much more than just replacement parts. Our repair resources are unlike any other, and can be just the tool you need to complete your repair. These resources come in the form of our forum and our repair center, each of which can help you in different ways.

Our repair forum is our huge community of consumers and experts, that can help answer your questions and help you pinpoint causes of problems. The other resource, our repair center, is our library of videos and articles that can take you step by step through hundreds of common repairs.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out everything has to offer!
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
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I have been receiving very good service from you and I been receiving all of the packages very quickly, Thank you.
Julio L.
Louisiana, USA
Warming You Up Since 2006
It’s only been six years since Sunheat started making the products most of you are familiar with today. It’s amazing how much progress the company has made in this short period of time. Currently, they produce space heaters, portable fireplaces, and air purifiers in their iconic wood finishes. The look of their models make them something that is meant to be displayed, unlike many other space heater brands. So if you want a product that works and spices up your home, buy a Sunheat.