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Identify Your Star Trac Model

So you’re here because you need replacement parts for your Star Trac model? Congratulations! You’ve found the only repair site you’ll ever need.

In order to look up parts for your Star Trac, we’ll need your products model number and SKU number. This is typically listed on your products name tag sticker, which is located on the frame of your model.

Most Star Trac models require both the model number, serial number (SKU), and sometimes even the series number to look up parts. But don’t worry, this information is all listed on the identification tag, so you won’t have to spend hours searching for it.

Usually, the model number will be three to six digits long, and should start with a letter. For example, you may see your model as: E-TR, TR6600, or even 7170. Your products serial number or SKU number will look like 9-7170-MINTP0, 9-3541-MUSAP0. Keep in mind that these numbers will be clearly labeled on your identification sticker, so you shouldn't have to second guess.

Did this help you find your model number? Let us know!

Star Trac Repair? Need Help?

As most of you probably know, nothing lasts forever. There’s nothing more frustrating than completely replacing tools, especially when they’re less than a year old. That’s why we’re here to supply you with spare parts for pretty much everything in your home. This includes hundreds of parts for your Star Trac treadmill, elliptical, exercise bike, stepper, or even weight training products. If you haven’t seen everything that eReplacementParts offers, there is no better time than right now to check it out.

In addition to our spare parts store, we also give our customers free resources to help them complete their repair, diagnose issues, prepare their machines for the seasons, maintenance tips, troubleshooting guides, and even step by step installation and removal videos. Browse them by clicking the links below.
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Customer Comments
Thank you very much for good service!
Arkadiy S.
New York, USA
Committed to You
Star Trac is the official leader in commercial quality fitness equipment. But even with that prestigious status, they are still driving to innovate and improve their equipment. Their products are already some of the most technologically advanced workout equipment on the market, offering ipod integration, HD touchscreens, and even a charging stations. If you’re the type that likes to multitask when they workout, then you can’t go wrong with a Star Trac.