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I Don’t See My Star Model Number

In order to locate your products model number, you’ll need to locate your Star identification tag. Each Star model will have one of these tags, it’s just a matter of finding out where it’s located. And depending on the type of model you have, it can be posted in a number of different locations.

Since it’s not always easy to find your Star model number, sometimes it’s easiest to look on your products owner's manual. It should be listed on the first few pages.

If you have a countertop appliance model, the identification tag will usually be on the back of the unit.

If you have a Star oven or similar model, the model number may be on the back or on the the oven frame, inside the oven door.

Other models will have their tag listed on the front or even the sides of the model.

If this didn’t help you locate your model number, don’t worry. We’re open Monday through Friday and one of our representatives would be happy to help you identify your model. Give us a call today!

Let us Help with Your Star Repair

All of us wish that our appliances lasted forever and never had any problems. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case in the real world and that’s why we offer hundreds of Star parts on our website. This includes casting elements for you steamers, thermostats for your griddle, handles for your waffle baker, and even replacement baskets for your fryers. If Star makes it, we have it.

In addition to our huge selection of Star spare parts, we also give you the help and knowledge to work your way through a repair. If you need any questions answered, we have experts hanging out in our forum that are always happy to help. It’s completely free, you just need to sign up!

If you receive your replacement parts and realize, “I have no idea how to get these parts installed”, we can help with that too. Our repair center is packed full of videos and articles that will guide you through each step of the installation process. Browse the resources by clicking the links below.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
Best Review
I am very pleased with the availability of parts, and the prices are more than reasonable. You saved me from having to replace my appliance by not only having the part needed, but the shipping was quick as well. I will recommend your site to family and friends. Thank you, and I am a very satisfied customer.
Judith G.
Arizona, USA
Appliances For Any Setting
Whether you need new equipment for your banquet hall, cafeteria, concession, restaurant, retail, stadium, or even your home, Star makes the products you’ll need. This includes griddles, hot plates, grills, fryers, warmers, popcorn makers, steamers, toasters, waffle makers, and ovens. Restauranteurs swear by the quality and value of Star products. The heavy-duty construction of their products means you’ll get the same cooking experience on day 400 that you did on day 1. So if you’re in need of professional quality cooking appliances, you need look no further than Star.