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Each product has a unique model number the same way your automobile has a unique make and model. Locating this number helps us provide you with the correct replacement parts and repair help for your specific product.

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I Can’t Find My Skuttle Model Number

Welcome to! You’ve landed on the Skuttle parts page. So if you need spare Skuttle parts or accessories, you’re just steps away from browsing our extensive selection. We’ll first need to know your Skuttle model number before you can browse parts. Don’t worry though, this number isn’t too hard to find. And with a little help from this article, you’ll be able to find this number quickly.

If you already have this number handy, you won’t need to keep reading this article. Simply sort through the options to the right or type your model number into the search box above this section. Otherwise, keep reading to find out where you can find your Skuttle model number.

Look inside of your Skuttle owner’s manual and on a rating plate (identification sticker) that’s directly on your unit. Skuttle lists their model numbers in both of these locations. Obviously, looking in your owner’s manual should be your first choice. But if you lost this some time ago, you can still find it on your model. Search for the identification tag on the sides, front , or back of your unit. You will recognize this tag when you see the Skuttle logo and all of the model information. Once you find this you should have no problems determining your model number.

sk the Experts about Skuttle Products

Since you’ve landed on this page, it’s clear that you’ve made the decision to repair your Skuttle product yourself and forgo the repair shop. This doesn’t have to be a situation that’s frustrating and unnerving. And if you’re able to use our website correctly, your repair should be a breeze. If you’re already familiar with everything we offer, you can access our repair resources below. Otherwise, keep reading to learn some tips on using

One of the hardest parts of doing repairs by yourself is finding a way to get your questions answered. We’ve developed one of the best customer service teams in the industry that is always happy to help you out. And if you prefer to get quick help without calling us, visit our forum. The experts here are awesome at responding to questions and helping you with your repair.

And since most of the parts we sell don’t come with installation instructions, we developed our repair center to help you. You’ll find hundreds of videos and articles here that will walk you step-by-step through your repair.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
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Service was A+. Fast shipping and order came in quick!! Price was great too!! Highly recommended. Also, Their customer service was excellent and friendly!
Christian C.
Florida, USA
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Skuttle is proud to boast nearly 100 years of quality, performance, and customer service. Their humidifiers, air cleaners, and make-up air controls have made homes around the world a safer, cleaner place. If you’ve ever owned or operated a Skuttle product, you know why so many customers can’t live without their cleaners. It’s the type of product that you won’t miss til it’s gone, so no matter what reason you have to get an air cleaner, make it a Skuttle.