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 Shop-Vac 12RT300 3.0 HP Wet / Dry Vac Parts

Cartridge Filter
Part Number: 9030400
In Stock, 16 Available
Price:  $18.52
5-8gal Disposable Collection Bags-3 Pack
Part Number: 9066100
In Stock, 1 Available
Price:  $11.96
1" Dual Wheel Caster (Set of 4 casters with retainers)
Part Number: 4206396
In Stock, 13 Available
Price:  $11.38
CleanStream HEPA Cartridge Filter
Note: Comes in a Pack of 2 - The ultimate HEPA filter for wet or dry pickup. Fits full size vacs.
Part Number: 9034000
In Stock, 2 Available
Price:  $54.35
CleanStream High Efficiency Cartridge Filter
Part Number: 9030700
In Stock, 5 Available
Price:  $29.17
Collection Bag
Part Number: 9067100
In Stock, 4 Available
Price:  $16.52
High Quality Collection Filter
Part Number: 9035000
In Stock, 7 Available
Price:  $27.57
Antimicrobial Hypoallergenic Ultra Web Cartridge Filter
Part Number: 9033300
Ships In 5 - 10 Business Days
Price:  $33.05

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