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Shindaiwa T-25 Trimmer

 Shindaiwa T-25 Trimmer Parts

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 Fig # Part # Img Part Name Availability Price Qty
Bolt Spw M5x20
In stock
14 available
In stock
4 available
Cylinder Obsolete - Not Available
Ships in 5 - 9 business days
Insulator Obsolete - Not Available
In stock
3 available
Cylinder Gasket Obsolete - Not Available
Exhaust Heat Deflector
In stock
2 available

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Repair Stories
Fuel lines Deteriorated
Parts Used:
Part Number:
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
30-60 minutes
Tools Used:
Entry Date:2013-12-20 11:58:30
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Ethanol in fuel cause rubber parts to fail, compounding the \"aging\" effect. My fuel system hoses needed replacement
Take out you cell phone or digital camera and document the position of all of the various hoses and retention components for later reference. Drain the tank of all remaining fuel. Remove the tank by releasing the rubber band retention strap from the hook (a small screwdriver may make this job easier but it is not required). As the tank assembly comes away from the unit, notice that the fuel pipe V470001080 is attached to the tank assembly at what appears to be a rubber grommet. With a little pulling and wiggling, remove the fuel pipe end nipple from this rubber grommet. It should just pull out. The metal \"J\" shaped nipple should remain with the fuel pipe assembly and the tank should come away from the trimmer engine assembly. Now with just the tank as a loose piece it is a simple matter to push the rubber grommet into the tank by using a non-marring tool. I used a nylon plastic stick that I keep for jobs such as this. It is important to not gouge the plastic around the grommet seat as this is the sealing surface. Since you already have the cap off the tank to drain it (you did follow the second step didn\'t you?), shake the tank until the old filter assembly falls out. This is an excellent time to clean the gas tank inside and out. Once the tank is clean, install the new filter assembly from the outside by using the same non-marring tool you used for removal. Note that a small bit of petroleum jelly applied to the grommet groove and around the tank hole edge will make this very easy. Once that is complete, re-install the fuel pipe assembly. nipple into the grommet center hole (you may want to replace the fuel pipe assembly. as this part is also in constant contact with the same fuel the filter assembly. sees) and install the tank back onto your trimmer. Take care to route the fuel pipe as originally positioned to eliminate any kinks or sharp bends (now would be a good time to refer to your photos taken in step one above. Fill the tank with fuel, install the cap, prime the unit and start it up.
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