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Pump/Motor Assembly

Part Number: WL212000SJ
Campbell Hausfeld
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Price: $145.12


*This part replaces obsolete part #: WL390002AJ, WL212000AJ and WL390100AJ.


This part is compatible with the following machines:

Campbell Hausfeld

Discussion for Pump/Motor Assembly - ( WL212000SJ )
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Question: Motor Shearing Bolts


I have a compressor with a wl390100aj motor assembly. It sheared the bolt (ref#10) and damaged the fan (ref# 12) so I ordered replacements. I replaced them and after only a short time the compressor again sheared the bolt and damaged the fan assembly.

Is it possible that the piston assembly (ref# 9) is somehow causing the bolt to shear? Or do you have another suggestion. I don't want to replace the entire motor assembly unless I have to.

Pump assembly WL212000SJ is supposed to be a replacement for WL390100AJ, which is why I posed the question here.

Question: WL212000SJ


Having never changed out a compressor motor/pump Assembly, is it as simple as plug and play as they say? Or is it something that would best be left to a proffesional? Also are the specs the same as wL390002aj as far as PSI and HP?
Reply: WL212000SJ


Hi Parker,
If you can change the spark plugs in your car you shouldn't have any problem.Beware of the green loctite that is used on some of the fittings.Don't try to force the fitting off without first using some heat on the joints.The green loctite is so strong you can twist fitting off if you don't first soften it up with heat.Hope that helps.Good luck.
Reply: WL212000SJ


Hello Parker3058,

As far as the differences between the WL390002AJ and the WL21200SJ. The PSI and HP should be the same. It is just an updated part number and version for the same Pump/Motor Assembly.

Question: Wl390100aj


will part#wl212000sj work on old compressor wl651600aj, 2004 modle?
Reply: Wl390100aj


Hello fgtrs,

Part number WL212000SJ replaces the part number WL390100AJ which was the old part number for the Pump/Motor kit for model number WL651600AJ. In answer to your question, Yes it will work.

Hope this helps,
Product Information
Manufacturer: Campbell Hausfeld
Category Number: WL212000SJ
Classification: Part
Weight: 13.55 lbs.
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