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Help me Spot My ProForm Model Number

If you have the original box or owners manual that came with your ProForm, you can find your model and serial number there. And if you don’t have either of those, ProForm lists the numbers on a identification sticker in the following places:

Treadmills: Around the base of the power cord, inside the upright base on the right side of the treadmill.

Systems: Look under the seat or on the lower frame for the silver/white I.D. sticker.

Bikes: Look on the base of the rear frame, on the seatpost, and on the “legs” under the seat.

Steppers: Look on the bottom of the upright bar that holds the monitor or the vertical main frame bar.

Ellipticals: Search the main bracket on the rear of the machine, on the main frame under the pedals, or inside the bottom frame under the pedals.

Spas: Check on the bottom of the jet pack or on the main frame of the spa access cover.

Massage Chairs: On the main frame under the seat.

The model number is typically a combination of both numbers and letters, anywhere from 6-12 digits long. Still need help? We’re always here to help you search for your model number. Call us at (866) 802-6383.

ProForm Repairs from A to Z

When you have a strict workout schedule, the last thing you can afford is a broken piece of workout equipment. Thats why we carry hundreds of ProForm spare parts on our website. This includes pedals for your elliptical, a new console for your treadmill, or even a carriage frame for your bench. So at this point, it’s pretty evident that we’re the place to come for ProForm parts and accessories.

However, you might not know that parts are only half of what we do at We also give you the knowledge and help to get the correct parts picked out all the way to getting those parts installed correctly. So next time you’re in need of some repair help, parts, or answers, come to the place that has you covered with repairs from A-Z.
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Customer Experiences
Ordered the part on March 5 and received it on March 7th in Indiana. Very pleased that the part is what I ordered and arrived so soon. Thanks.
John W.
Indiana, USA
Where Passion and Exercise Meet
To some people, an exercise routine is much more than just a weight loss goal. That’s why ProForm models have found their way into so many homes. Their machines combine passions with a healthy workout, in the most convenient location. Just look at their line rowers for instance. They’ve combined a sport that’s usually only available in open stretches of water, to a machine that can fit in a basement.

It’s the technology and innovation of ProForm products that make them successful. If you’re passionate about working out, you just have to try a ProForm.