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09908 Pressure Cooker Sealing Ring

Part Number: 09908
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  • Measures Approx 8-3/8"
This is a genuine Manufacturer Approved replacement part. This part is made out of Rubber and it includes the Lid Sealing Ring and an Air Vent Plug. The sealing ring is used to create a seal between the Pressure cooker lid and the pressure cooker pot. In the event if the pressure regulator fails, and to much pressure builds up in the pot, the Air Vent Plug will pop out of the lid releasing the excess pressure in the pot.
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Question: Pressure Cooker


I have a bon appetite pressure cooker model # BAPCRO010...need to replace the sealing plastic you have it?
Reply: Pressure Cooker


Hello 1515774,

Unfortunately we do not provide parts for the Bon Appetit brand. You can do a search online to find a parts distributor.

Question: Presto Pressure Cooker


will this fit my 6 qt. about 1969 or so PCC6H model number A610A ?
Reply: Presto Pressure Cooker


Hello 1114845,

By looking at the parts diagrams. I show that the 09908 will fit your Presto A610A cooker.

Hope this helps,
Product Information
Manufacturer: Presto
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