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Have a Problem with Your Orbit Sprinkler System? We Can Help!

Yes, we sell Orbit sprinkler system components on this page. And if they’re in stock, they’ll be shipped out within one business day! Combine that with our low prices and you’ve found your newest go-to website,

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it has. We’re not only a source for Orbit replacement parts, we also have the know-how and resources to help you get them installed, diagnose issues, and answer any question that will inevitably come up. If you do need any of this help, swing by our repair center and our repair forum. These resources are absolutely free and could help you through those tough situations. So give us a try today!

And if you can’t find the help in our resource pages, give us a call and our knowledgeable technicians and representatives will be waiting to help.
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The Real Secret of Your Lawn
How many of you have seen a neighbors perfectly cut and maintained yard and wonder, “how do they do it!?”. Most people have their preference on what fertilizers to use, what type of grass to plant, and how often you should water. But you may not know that the most important part of your yard is something that is hidden, and rarely seen. This “secret” formula for a great yard is a high quality sprinkler system.

If you have set up your sprinkler system with Orbit components in a good layout, you will have the success--and the envy of your entire neighborhood. Orbit manufacturers and supplies irrigation and watering systems for countries around the globe. Their goal is always to exceed customers’ expectations, which is hard considering they already have such high standards. So if you want to get that yard to pop out and wow your guests, use Orbit sprinkler parts.