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How do I Find My Nutone Model Number?

Like most other brands, NuTone likes to place their product numbers on a sticker somewhere on the unit. This can be a little tricky to find, so use our label finder below for assistance.

Please keep in mind this sticker will be white and the model number should be clearly labeled on the sticker.

Range hood:

Look on the right or left side of the range hood canopy.

Or, if you have the Allure model, you’ll need to remove the range hood filter to gain access to the label. Look on the back wall or the Teflon air pan.

Look for the model number on the front of the unit, under the cook-top.

Ventilation Fan:

Remove the grill from the fan. The model number label is in the corner next to the outlet. The model number may be stamped into metal and not on a sticker.

Check the the top corner of the bath fan housing or directly on the power unit mounting plate.

Attic/House ventilation fan:

You’ll find the model number label on the cover of the wiring box or on the inside of the fan housing, across from the wiring panel.

Central vacuum systems:

Look on the bottom of the power head or the side of the power unit. You should find the identification label here.


If you own a bulb heater, you’ll need to remove the bulbs from the unit, remove the springs from the tough-in box, then scan the inside of the tough-in box for the model number label. Or if you own a ValueTest heater, you can find the model number on the inside edge of the housing.

So once you’ve found a model number similar to GSVH1K, 665P, or even QTXN110HL, you’re set to start browsing our huge NuTone selection of replacement parts.

And, of course, we’re here to help answer any questions that could come up. So give us a call if you need need any help.

Let us Help with Your NuTone Repair

Since you’re on this page, we’ll guess that you are familiar with the NuTone brand. You probably came here trying to fix up an old NuTone central vacuum, exhaust fan, air purifier, heather, ironing center, ventilation fan, or even your door chime. Well friends, we carry NuTone spare parts for every one of those items, and more. This means that we’ve got what you need to get your NuTone back in new condition. This includes power units for your exhaust fans, heating elements for your ceiling heater, and even filter bags for your central vacuum.

And we haven’t even told you the best part yet. Not only do we sell you the parts to get your NuTone fixed up, we can even help walk you step-by-step through the replacement process. Just check out our our how-to guides in our Repair Center, which offer customers free access to repair articles and videos. So if you’re ever curious what else we can do to make your repair easier, swing by our repair resources by clicking the links below.
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Innovation in the Home
Brands you can trust to put in your home come few and far between. That’s why when you get the chance to purchase a NuTone product, you should do it immediately. NuTone has been making residential products since 1936. They achieved success during their history, including setting the mark as the largest American producer of home electrical products in 1967.

What we’re saying is that when the time comes to replace the range hood or doorbell in your home, you don’t need to shop around for days. Simply find a NuTone, and relax knowing you’ve made a good purchase.