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Where’s My Nuova Simonelli Model Number?

Incase it’s not obvious by this point, you’ll need to know your Nuova model name/number to look up replacement parts. The good news is that Nuova Simonelli makes this pretty easy to locate.

Like similar manufacturers, you’ll be able to find this listed in your owner’s manual and on the product itself. The manufacturer will place all of their product information on a tag that's riveted or posted directly to your Nuova unit. So if you don’t have your owner’s manual laying around, you’ll need to look on your product directly.

The identification tag will have the Nuova Simonelli logo at the top and it should be black/grey. And because the manufacturer uses both model number and model numbers to identify their products, you’ll either find a name similar to “Mythos, Premier Maxi” or a model number similar to “MAC 200, 1 GR”.

Once you’re able to locate this number/name, enter in the search box we’ve provided above and you’ll be on your way to repairing in no time.

If this section wasn’t able to help you find your Nuova model number, we encourage you to give us a call directly or email us. Our customer service representatives are great at identifying your models.

Nuova Simonelli Repair Resource

We’re happy to supply our customers with all of the Nuova Simonelli spare parts they could ever need. But in addition to our parts selection, we also give you all of the instructions you’ll need to get the parts installed. You’ll find these by clicking the links listed below.

But to make our website a little easier to navigate, let us explain how the repair resources are best used. We recommend using our repair forum as a medium to ask any questions you may have. These questions may include (but not limited to): diagnosis questions, help finding the parts, finding a replacement for a discontinued part, or just common discussion.

Our repair center is best used as installation guide. We’ve made hundreds of repair videos that walk you through each, individual step of a particular repair. These are great because most manufacturers don’t include installation instructions.

And, if all else fails, we want you to contact our customer service department. We’re known for our awesome service. Whether you have a technical question or a ordering question, our agents will be able to help answer it.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
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