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How to Locate Your Monessen Model Number

Finding your Monessen model number can be a pain, especially if you don’t know where to look. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to find this number, so let’s begin. First off, always look in the owner’s manual that came with your product. Monessen will usually list their model numbers on the cover or within the first few pages.

If you no longer have your owner’s manual, you’ll need to search your product for an identification tag (rating plate). This will be placed in one of the following areas of your model(s) (separated by model category):

Gas Fireplace - Tag will be near the control valve, look behind the side control door.
Gas Log-Set - Near the control valve, under the unit.
Gas Stove - Attached to the rear shroud, near the control valve.
Wood-Burning Fireplace - Posted to the metal floor of the fireplace or top right of combustion chamber.
Wood-Burning Insert - Tag is below the firebox.
Wood-Burning Stove - Tag is on the rear casting.
Electric Fireplace - Tag is inside the control panel or inside the unit.

Once you’re able to find this tag, you shouldn’t have any issues determining your model number. Simply enter it into the search box that we’ve provided above and you’ll be on your way to shopping for Monessen replacement parts!

Still have questions or concerns? Please contact us via email or phone. We’re open five days a week to help you with whatever questions you may have.

Monessen Knowledge Center

Most people don’t understand that the majority of repairs can be completed fairly easily, with the use of just a few common tools. This misunderstanding about self-repair leads to expensive repair shop bills. That’s why we’re on a mission to help anyone who needs a helping hand. And we don’t just do this by providing replacement parts, we also offer you all of the assistance you’ll need during your repair process.

This assistance comes in the form of our repair resources -- our forum, repair center, customer service team, and technical team. For the sake of your time, it’s always easiest to try using the online resources we offer before giving us a call. Much of the time our agents will use the same online resources to give you answers, so try to exhaust our online resources before you contact us directly.

Our forum uses a standard format, but thousands of users make it the go-to place to ask any questions concerning repairs. This includes diagnosis questions, help finding the correct part, and tips and tricks. And our repair center is packed-full with repair videos and articles. These take you step-by-step through each repair with our too guru Mark. He’s great at showing you quick ways to save time and will keep you posted on important details concerning your repair.

Best of all, this help is offered to you at no cost. This means that anybody is welcome to use it, customer or not. We encourage everyone to ditch their repair shop and use
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