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I Can’t Find My Maytag Commercial Model Number

Can’t find the model number of your Maytag Commercial washer or dryer? Allow us to help. Maytag makes it fairly easy to find your model number, you just need to know what to look for. Every Maytag model will have the model and serial number displayed on a identification sticker in the following areas, separated by type:

Top Load Washers/Front Load HE Washers: The tag will be on the back of the washer, on the top right corner and on the left side.
Single Dryers: You’ll find the label inside of the door or on the back of the dryer.
Stack Washers/Dryers: You’ll find the label on the back of the units, on the top left corner.
Multiload Mount Washers: On the back, look in the top left corner.
Multiload Gas Dryer: The label will be inside top compartment on the inside of the door.
Multiload Gas Stacked Dryers: The sticker will be on the link compartment wall.

Once you’ve found this label you should find a model number similar to MLG24PRAWW2, MAT14PDAWW1, or MDG50MNVWW. Just enter it in the search box provided above and get shopping for parts!

Ask the Experts about Maytag Appliances

We’ll assume that you’re here because you need some Maytag Commercial spare parts. But did you know that we’re a great website to visit if you ever have any questions or concerns with your tools, lawn equipment, appliances, and even exercise equipment. If you’re not familiar with this, we’re talking about our awesome repair resources. First off, our forum is our community of experts and customers that get together to ask questions, help diagnose issues, and even post funny cat pictures. Basically anything goes in here, just make sure you’re posting the right section!

Second, our repair center is a comprehensive resource for those looking for repair guides and installation help. These guides include information on a wide range of repairs, including basic maintenance advice, tool-specific repairs, and even a full-blown carburetor rebuild. We are constantly uploading new videos so even if we don’t have one for your product right now, we likely will in the near future. We recommend that everyone take advantage of these resources as they are free and will make you sound like an expert, even if you’re not.
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I have purchased parts from you folks several times and I have also purchased parts from about a gillion other parts houses, dealers and repair shops. I am not prone to complimenting people, but in my wide and long experience, you guys have very fast service, very reasonable prices and the most helpful, knowledgeable and cooperative staff I have ever worked with. I appreciate it and I hope you pass this on to your employees/employers!!!
Gary R.
California, USA
Maytag Man
If we were to ask “how many of you have used a Maytag product in your lifetime?”, the majority of you would probably raise your hand. This isn’t just because Maytag has been around for over 120 years, it’s also because many of us can still remember their parents old maytag washing machine. And those “Maytag Man” commercials probably stick in your mind to this day. No matter why you remember Maytag, you can’t deny the company has a special place in your heart.