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Where’s My Master Model Number?

In order to make sure that we send you compatible parts for your Master heater, we’ll need to know your product’s model number. If you came prepared with this information, you can find a parts diagram for your model by selecting the option to the right or by typing it into the search box on this page. Otherwise, you’ll probably need some help locating this number. Keep reading to learn where this identifying number can be found.
The owner’s manual that came with your heater should be the first place you look for this information. The manufacturer usually lists this number on the cover or within the first few pages of this piece of literature. However, since these are easily lost over the life of your model, you do have another place you can look to find your model number. Search your model for a black identification label. This is typically located on the sides of your unit, near the base.

Once you’re able to locate this label, scan it until you find your product’s model number. It should be clearly visible on this label. So if you don’t see it at first, keep looking, it’s there.

If you’re not able to locate your model number after reading this section, we want you to contact our customer service team. Our agents are great at identifying models with little to no information.

Master Repair Resource

You’ve probably ended up on this page because you’re looking for replacement parts or replacement assistance with your Master heater. We offer you both the replacement parts necessary to fix up your unit and the instructions on how to get them installed. You’ll find the parts you need by browsing this parts page. But if you need a bit of help diagnosing your repair or answering your questions before you purchase parts, you’ll want to visit and use our repair resources.

The best source to get all of your questions answered is our repair forum. It works much like other forums on the internet, but we specialize in repairing and DIY. The expert-users in those fields are always happy to respond to questions here. This is extra helpful if you’d like to display specific pictures for these experts to look at. And if you need some help getting the parts installed correctly once they arrive to you in the mail, you’ll want to visit our repair center. Our repair center hosts hundreds of videos and articles of our tool guru walking you through every step of a repair. Each video is unique and addresses a different repair, so if you need some help, these will be invaluable.

Lastly, if you’d rather just speak to someone to get some help, you’re welcome to call our technical team at (866)802-6383. They’re always happy to help you diagnose issues, order parts, and even walk you through installation. So don’t put off your repair any longer, use eReplacementParts to get your products running again.
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