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lower Chute

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Question: Does It Fit?


Does the lower chute 532405455 fit on a YTH22V46 tractor?
Reply: Does It Fit?


Hi jaycbobo1 That is a very good inquiry. I found the lower chute part on THIS site, but sadly, there is no compatibility list for the machines that it fits. I also found your tractor on this site. The lower chute is not listed as it is an accessory item.

Other listings for this lower chute seem to indicate the part is for a 46" Lawn Tractor:

link removed
Your tractor model number may indicate it IS a 46" model?

I hope this helps you.
Question: Grass Catcher


Do you have both upper & lower chute plus connectors
Product Information
Manufacturer: Husqvarna
Category Number: 532405455
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Weight: 3.11 lbs.
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