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I Can’t Find My Krups Model Number

Like most other brands, if you can find your owner’s manual or the box the product came in, you should be able to find your model number easily. Otherwise, you can find the model number on the product’s nameplate or identification sticker. You’ll usually find this posted on the bottom, rear, or sides of your unit. Look for a white sticker with the KRUPS logo in the top, left-hand corner.

Find it? Okay good, now search for the “type” number. Krups calls their model numbers types, so this is the number you’ll need.

Unfortunately, Krups model numbers do not fall under one standard format. So if it’s not clearly labeled, you may have to try entering some numbers into the site’s search bar.

And of course, our Customer Service team is always happy to help you search if you’re still having a hard time locating the number.

Ask the Experts about Krups Appliances

Since you’re on this page, it’s evident that you’re ready to avoid the repair shops and fix your Krups appliance yourself. But once you find and order the replacement parts you need, would you know how to install them?

We’re here to help you through all of the questions that arise during a repair process. And trust us, you’re bound to have a few. Our repair center is the perfect resource for those of you looking to interact with a community of fellow DIYers. And our repair center can help those of you looking for help diagnosing, repairing, and understanding your appliances.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
Best Review
Wow, you guy's are phenomenal what a great company you all run. I need to track down some review sites online and spread the good word as you all are better than just good. I appreciate that so very much.
Shawn A.
Florida, USA
Beyond Ordinary
When you purchase a Krups appliance, you know you’ll get a one-of-a-kind product with one-of-a-kind performance. Not only does Krups offer more specialized products than other appliance manufacturers, they also offer one of the most innovative product lines on the market.

Their advanced technology comes from their dedicated engineering teams, which test each Krups product in several stages, to make sure the consumer gets the best possible product. So whether you want a Krups appliance for its clean design or its advanced technology, you won’t be disappointed.