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Locate Your Grill Master Model Number

The easiest way to identify your model number is to look on the owner’s manual that came with your product. If you don’t have this anymore, it’s okay. You can still find your model number on the product itself. This will help prevent you from ordering the wrong parts based on guessing at what may or may not fit with your grill.

Grill Master will usually hide their model numbers in a place that won’t be the easiest thing to find. But a little searching will turn it up in no time at all. The model number should be on a sticker or plate on your product. On bigger grills, check inside the doors. If your grill doesn’t have doors, look on the back of the grill.

Grill Master doesn’t stick to any particular standard when naming their products. Their model numbers incorporate both numbers and letters and range from about five characters to ten long. Once you find the model number, just enter it into the search box above to bring up a list of parts specific to your grill.

And if you ever need any help finding this number, give us a call! We’re happy to help you whenever you need it.

Help With Your Grill Master Repair

So you’ve received a new regulator valve or wheel for your Grill Master grill, but you aren’t really sure what to do next? Ok, a wheel is pretty easy to replace--just unscrew a bolt and replace the thing. But if you need to replace hoses of fittings, you may not be so sure about how to proceed. But you don’t have to stress your next grill repair. That’s because we do more than just help you find the parts you need for your repairs. We’ll help you get through those repairs, too!

You can find hundreds of articles in our Repair Center, including several solely on grills. The articles feature pictures, video, and detailed instructions designed to prevent you from missing a single step. With our Repair Center, all your repairs will breeze on by.

If you don’t find a solution to your snag there, visit our Repair Forums. You can register in minutes, and once you do, you’ll have one of the largest DIY communities on the web right at your fingertips. You can ask for help on snags you’ve encountered during your repairs, chat about the DIY culture, and share some knowledge of your own.

With, all your repairs are covered!
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Grill Master builds grills for professional applications. And many people realize that it’s hard to beat the quality their grills and smokers offer. They have grill solutions for just about every outdoor cooking need, and their products are known for their long life and amazing quality.