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How do I Find My GE Model Number?

The key to locating your General Electric model number is knowing where to find the ID label. Like most other appliances, you will find the model number on the nametag or identification sticker. Here’s where to look:

Microwaves: Check the front edge of the microwave. Don’t see it there? Check inside on the left wall.

Vent hood: Look inside the left wall.

Oven: Search in the lower left corner (open door), or below that in the lower left corner of the open drawer.

Cooktops: Look in the middle of cooktop’s underside.

Compactors: Open the compactor door, check on the left wall.

Refrigerators: Yes, that’s right, check on the inside, on the left wall. You may also find the number on the inside ceiling or on the bottom right corner.

Dishwasher: Look on the left or right front inside edge, or on right side of the door.

Washers: Check the back of the unit, towards the right. Also look at the front panel and behind the door for front-loading machines.

Dryers: Open the door and search in the right corner. You should also check the front panel, behind the door.

Once you’ve located this sticker, you’ll see that GE clearly labels the model and serial numbers. Just search for your model using this information and you’ll be on your way to ordering parts!

Ask the Experts about GE Products

Our repair forum is one of the best places to discuss problems, ask questions, talk about new tools, or just become part of a tool community on the internet. It’s also a great place to start if you need help diagnosing a problem with your GE appliance. And our repair center is the only resource you’ll need if you are looking for repair guides or videos.

So just remember, next time you find yourself frustrated with your repair, swing by to get your questions answered.
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Everyone has heard of the iconic General Electric brand. And if you haven’t heard of GE, we’ll bet that you still own one of their products without even knowing it. Their broad range of appliances, electronics, healthcare technologies, lighting, and even oil and gas products, make them one of the most common brands in the entire world.

GE is currently known as the 15th most admired company in the world and the 5th best global brand. It’s hard to imagine what else the company will come up with in another 50 or 100 years.