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Fuel Tank

Part Number: 94994GS
Briggs and Stratton
Availability: Discontinued

This part is no longer available from the manufacturer.
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Question: Fuel Tank Obsolete


I assume that because the tank was poorly designed and cracked/leaked due to vibration, thereby creating a serious hazard, is why they don't make it anymore. I'm supposed to just throw this machine away?? Is there something that is available that will work?? Thanks for any help, Mike R
Reply: Fuel Tank Obsolete


Oh, my email is link removed if anyone has any info. Thanks again.
Reply: Fuel Tank Obsolete


Hello mragonese,

We understand your frustration with receiving this type of news regarding a part that is needed to operate your machine. Unfortunately, as companies count on other companies to satisfy customers and to achieve success, mishaps do occur. Changes within parts occur as the manufacturers are producing a better product, which does in fact cause the unfortunate mishap of parts being put on backorder or being discontinued. is a distributor for over 200 different manufacturers. Unfortunately, just like you, we are at the mercy of the manufacturers. They most definitely do the best that they can to keep customer satisfaction as well, but they also receive their product from other sources.

However, keep in mind that as changes progress throughout this industry, all companies involved have a desire to achieve one goal . . . customer satisfaction, not only with the product itself and all companies involved, but most importantly your satisfaction as the customer.

You may try searching on line for other distributors that still might have the fuel tank. Just Google the part number and see what comes up.

Good luck,
Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Category Number: 94994GS
Classification: Part
Weight: 2.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide world wide shipping icon
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