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Find Your Electric Drill Model Number
When you need electric drill parts fast, the best place to start is with your drill's model number. If you still have the original box or owner's manual that came with your drill, you can find the number there. Otherwise, you will want to search a bit on your drill to find the information you need.

First check on the drill's nameplate. Lots of manufacturers like to put the model number directly beneath their own name on the drill. If you don't see the information you need there, search on the reverse side of the drill. Check for an ID tag with all the information you need. And remember, some power tools require a type number as well, so if you see that listed, be sure to note it as well.

Once you've found your model number, you can enter it into the search box above to bring up the parts for your drill. If you're still having trouble, please give us a call and we'll happily help you find the number you need.
Help With Your Drill Repair
You don't have to walk into your drill repair blind. Lots of things can go wrong on a drill, and some of these issues are easier to fix than the others. But you don't have to fumble your way through your repair. That's because we offer more than just parts--we also have the repair resources you need to get through any drill repair.

Check out the step-by-step articles in our Repair Center, where you can find guides for dozens of drill repairs. Or you can swing by our Repair Forum, where experts are waiting to help get you through any problems you've come across. With, fixing things just makes sense.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
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Electric Drill Spare Parts Shipped Fast
We know you count on your electric drill for pretty much all your repairs. So when it breaks, it can become a big headache real fast. Repair shops are expensive and can take weeks. Replacements can cost much more than they need to. But you already know that. Luckily for you, we don't just have the parts you need, we can get them to you fast.

All our in-stock parts ship within 24 hours, which means you can spend less time waiting to get back to work, and more time finishing that renovation, home maintenance, or whatever other projects you use your drill to complete. And we stock thousands of parts for power tools, so chances are you'll have your part and a working drill in less than a week!
Everyone Owns One
The earliest drills actually existed about 35,000 years ago--primitive hand-spun versions that were little more than a sharpened piece of stone or metal.

Since then, the tool has come a long way. The first electric drill was patented in 1895, and in 1917 Black and Decker patented the pistol-grip model we’re all familiar with today. Nowadays, just about everyone has a drill that resembles that early model in their home.