Here's a work around if your safety guard is broken at the sliding lever connection: I ordered p/n 488870-00 Center Plate and installed it after hack sawing off the remaining piece of the previous connection screw-in location for the sliding safety lever. I had to round-file a little half moon notch inside of the old safety lever in order to attach the lever to the new fixed point for the lever on the new plate. I also had to remove the saw blade cover plate that allows access to change the blade to reinstall the little bolt and nut that attaches the plate to the cover plate, it fell off when I removed the old metal circular plate that was a pressure plate on the guard, which is replaced by the new plate. Just don't tighten the little nut holding the new plate on the cover plate as it controls the gap that allows the lever to move as you move the saw up and down. Works like a charm, just a little remodeling. Email me if you have a question. Robert