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 DeLonghi 5108T Oil Filled Heater Parts

Large Double Rocker Switch 3107/T
Part Number: 511741
In Stock, 23 Available
Price:  $17.59

Heater Parts

Discussion for the DeLonghi 5108T Oil Filled Heater

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Question: Heater Element


I need the Part Number for the Delonghi 5108T heating element
Reply: Heater Element


Hi John,

I have a heater with a bad switch - the 500/900 power switch. I will buy the switch from you or the whole face plate with switch and thermostat - let me know if this is something you are willing to do. I have not taken the heater apart but i can tell you it works - I just turned it off and the switch let go today. feel free to call me at 978-345-0190