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Identify Your Dacor Model

So you’re looking for replacement parts for your Dacor appliance? Let us help.

In order to browse compatible parts for your Dacor, we’ll need to know the exact model of your product. This information will be listed on a tag, sticker, or even a badge on your unit. You’ll find this tag on a number of different locations depending on type of appliance. Keep reading to get a better idea of where and what to look for.

If you have a Dacor range, look for the tag inside the oven, on the frame, once you open the oven door. Also check inside the drawer, or even under the surface unit.

Dishwasher tags will be located on the inside frame behind door, on the back, or in the storage cover.

All other Dacor products will have the model number label located in an easy-to-find location, so just search thoroughly and you should find the label.

Once you’ve found this label, you should be able to grab the model number with no problem. In case you’re still not sure what number you should be looking at, try and find numbers similar to IDW24, CPTS127, or even PCOR.

Have a Problem with Your Dacor Appliance? We Can Help!

As you probably know by now, is the best parts resource available for your appliances, power tools, lawn equipment, grills, and much more. But you may not know that supplying replacement parts is only half of what we offer.

We are happy to announce that our repair resources are in full-swing and waiting for customers like you to put them to good use. These resources come in the form of our repair center and our forum, each of which is valuable in their own right. The repair center is packed full with videos, articles, and how-to articles to help you tackle any replacement. Not only will our experts walk you through each step of a repair, they’ll also give you the knowledge to prevent replacement in the future. And our forum is the best place to hang out, chat, and ask questions about any appliance or tool you may have. So what are you waiting for? Check them out below!
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Hi, the spring arrived and works great, thanks for your assistance!!!!
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Ohio, USA
Remodeling? Choose Dacor
Whether you’re renovating your entire home or just tweaking a few things, there isn’t a product on the market that matches Dacor’s design and performance. Not only will you get the premium products you expect from Dacor, you’ll also get the durability of a company that’s been revolutionizing their field for over 30 years.