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 Fig # Img Part Name Availability Price
Instruction Book Cg Series Obsolete - Not Available
Part #: 114202-000-000
8Mrc, Replacement Decanter, 12 Cup, White
Part #: PLD13-NP
In stock
6 available
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4Lid, Decanter, White, Nc And Tf
Part #: 112435-018-000
In stock
10 available
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9Brew Basket Assembly, Black Dr
Part #: 112435-000-000
In stock
12 available
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1Lid Filter Basket, Cg Dust
Part #: 118673-018-000
In stock
2 available
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10Shower Head Assembly, Black
Part #: 117325-001-000
In stock
3 available
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11Feet, Dr Series, Gry
Part #: 117325-002-000
In stock
15 available
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Question: Feet, Dr Series, Gry


Is this price per foot, or is this a pkg. of 4?
Reply: Feet, Dr Series, Gry


Hello 1125291,

When ordering part number 117325-002-000. They are sold individually, you will need to order the quantity you need.

Question: Coffe Pot


The water isn't coming out the sprinkler top as well as it should. I have cleaned it, checked out tubing underneath, wondering if I put the plastic gizmo with the little ball in it in wrong inside the tubing? And should it be in the middle of the tubing or near one end or the other?