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Clutch Assembly, Small

Part Number: 753-05860
MTDRyobiTroy-BiltBolensYard Man
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 791-181073 and 791-182369.

Screw is included and has a left-handed thread.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Yard Man

Discussion for Clutch Assembly, Small - ( 753-05860 )
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Question: Screw Size


I am using this clutch for a custom application and I need to know what size the screw is in the center. Can you find this out for me.

Thank You
Reply: Screw Size


Retaining screw on the clutch drum is a Torx 20 or 25.
Question: Engine Size


Can someone please tell me what size engine this clutch in made fore? Can it handle a 50cc engin?
Reply: Engine Size


Hello Scatgo,

The 753-05860 is used in 31cc engines. I can't really tell you if it can be used in a 50cc. The Husqvarna model 345FR Brushcutter. Has a 45cc engine. Even if I knew your application, I still don't know if the parts from this model could be used.

Reply: Engine Size


Very useful information. This is for a custom apllication so at least now I know it stands a chance of taking the power of a 50

Thank You!
Question: Gear Box Will Not Turn


tines will not turn looking to see where to start
Reply: Gear Box Will Not Turn


Hello al5416,

Here is a list of what I think could cause the problem. Maybe someone else may have a better idea then me. It could be one of the following items.

753-05860 clutch assembly.
791-15392 clutch drum assembly.
753-04987 flexible drive shaft.
Or you may have internal problems with the 753-04489.

Question: Does This Include?


Per the schematics this does not come with the 2 washers but the photo shows the washers..... Do they come in the kit or do they need to be ordered seperately?
Reply: Does This Include?


Hello Romilin,

The image is correct the washers will com with part number, 753-05860.

Hope this helps,
Question: Removing The Clutch Assembly


Is this Item pressed on the shaft? Do I need a special tool to remove the clutch?
Reply: Removing The Clutch Assembly


Hi Rocket,

Removal of the clutch drum isn't too hard of a project at all if you know a few tricks first. We have prepared an article and video that will provide you with all of the information you will need to remove the clutch drum. You can find the article and video at the following link...

How to Remove a Trimmer Clutch :

I hope this helps you with your repair!

How do you remove the clutch assembly from the shaft?
Reply: How Do You Remove The Clutch Ass...


Hi Eisenmann. I have seen the folowing: Remove the spark plug and place a short length of rope (Nylon cord or shoe string) into the cylinder. This will hold the piston in place and keep the clutch from turning as you use a T20 or T25 Torx drive (depending oon model mine is a Ryobi 720r and used a T20)to loosen the screw and remove the drum, exposing the clutch. Remove one of the springs and the clutch assembly comes off. Note on my Ryobi I had to push the cord into the exhaust port instead of removing the spark plug. Hope this helps.
Product Information
Manufacturer: MTD, Ryobi, Troy-Bilt, Bolens, Yard Man
Category Number: 753-05860
Classification: Part
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