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Part Number: 817340-1
Availability: Discontinued

This part is no longer available from the manufacturer.
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Question: Chuck For Drill Press


I have a brand new never used drill press m/n 113213100 but I got it without a chuck. p/n 817340-1. All I can find is that the chuck is obsolete and no longer available and there is no replacement listed. Do I have to throw a new drill press in the recycle bin because there is no chuck or has anyone found a working replacement or have an old one?
Reply: Chuck For Drill Press


Hello 1221888,

Delta has an 8 inch drill press model number DP115. They use part number 1310049 Chuck & Key. I am pretty sure that the taper is the same on both drill press spindles.

Reply: Chuck For Drill Press


I'm curious if you found the part you needed? I have the same issue with my drill press. Hope you had good success...thanks1
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Manufacturer: Craftsman
Category Number: 817340-1
Classification: Part
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