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Carburetor (Walbro WYC-8)

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Question: Ryobi Leaf/Vac Blower


Won't start. Appears to have good spark, looks blue and the spark plug looks wet.. Compression above 100 PSI. Need a carb diagram showing all gaskets, in order of placement
Question: Primer Base


I have broken one of the nozzles on the primer base. I need to purchase just that part as well as a rebuild kit. Is the primer base available and how much?
Reply: Primer Base


The carburetor is a Walbro WYC-8. I think the part you mean is the pump plate? You can view the parts available on THIS site here.

The repair kit this carb calls for is a K10-WYC. It is available as well.

That primer part is available from other vendors as well. The Walbro site has it listed here. Get the correct part number and maybe LOOK for the lowest pricing available. I find eBay a big help in that department. Here is the Walbro link with parts diagram. I think you click on the part or part number to view pricing and availability. Price looks to be around $19.50 from Walbro.

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Question: Choke Lever


my choke lever broke and I need to replace it does anyone know which one there is like 20 different ones available and only 3 have pictures available?
Reply: Choke Lever


Hello cgmilioti,

We do sell parts for all the Walbro carburetors. And in most cases the choke lever is a part that is available. However in the parts diagram of the Walbro WYC-8 the choke lever is not available.

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