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Help me Spot My BUNN Model Number

You should begin your BUNN model number search at the back of the unit. Look for a white or silver sticker. Once you find it, just find the clear label “MODEL” on the sticker to locate your model number.

BUNN recommends you unplug their hot water equipment, then let it cool for at least three hours before checking for the sticker.

If you are searching for the model number on one of BUNN’s commercial products then you will be searching for a nameplate, which is usually located on the back of the unit. These tags are not as simple as the stickers since they contain more information. The model number is located on the top left side just beneath the company’s logo.

BUNN Repairs from A to Z

If you’re like me, then you are probably having a hard time getting by without your BUNN coffee brewer and desperately want to fix it. Well, don’t take the chance of doing it incorrectly. Check out our repair resources below to find videos, articles, and forums where you can turn your repair into a piece of cake.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
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Thank you so much, great customer service over the phone.
Julio C.
California, USA
Drip Drip
BUNN is definitely living up to its mission of being the best provider of beverage equipment in the world. The company’s founder, George Bunn, invented the first fluted coffee filter before starting BUNN. In 1963, the company created the first automatic drip-brew coffee maker, leaving it as a leader in the hot drink market ever since. While they primarily target commercial applications, such as restaurants and hotels, they also make many products for in-home use, and are known for their high-quality, long-lasting products.