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How to Locate Your Bloomfield Model Number

If you’re not sure what the model number of your Bloomfield product is, you’ll need to know it before you can look up parts for your model on our website. We do have the option of finding parts by category to the right. However, you’ll still need to know your specific model number to select the correct product. Therefore, let’s get started on helping you locate your Bloomfield model number.

Most Bloomfield model numbers consist of purely numbers. But on occasion, you may see some letters at the end of their model numbers. The most common format of their model numbers is four numbers. But it may be up to six digits with both letters and numbers. You can expect your bloomfield to look like one of the following examples: 9016, 8792, 9521FB, 8781A.

First off, always check your owner’s manual. Bloomfield places the specific model number of your product in the owner’s manual that came with your unit. If you lost your owner’s manual, you can still find the model number listed directly on your Bloomfield.

Like similar brands, Bloomfield also places their model numbers on an identification sticker that’s located somewhere on your product. They’re usually in an area that’s easily visible. It may be easiest to just search for a sticker that has the Bloomfield logo. Once you find that sticker, you’ll find all of the identification numbers you’ll need on the same tag.

If this article has not helped you find your Bloomfield identification number, we recommend giving us a call at (866) 802-6383. One of our representatives would be happy to help you search.

Bloomfield Knowledge Center

The assumption that goes along with repairing products yourself, is that it’s hard and will cause more stress than just taking it to a repair shop and eating the additional cost(s). However, if you know how to use correctly, you will not only save money compared to a repair shop, but you’ll also save time!

In addition to our extensive parts selection and easy-to-use interactive parts diagrams, we also offer you the resources to help you through every step of your repair process. This help comes in the form of our famous customer service team, our repair forum, and our repair center.

We’ve developed these resources in such a way that calling us directly, should be your last resort. This is because you’ll be able to find all of the answers to your questions by posting them in our forum. Our experts are great at responding to these questions in a timely manner and can help you determine what part(s) need to be purchased to get your machine running like new again. And once you get your parts ordered, shipped, and received, you can use our repair center as a step-by-step installation guide for your replacement parts. It’s packed full with videos and articles for hundreds of different fixed.

So check out all of these free resources we offer today.
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