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Posted by on May 20, 2010    |    1 Comment’s expansive inventory of Karcher pressure washer parts is here to help Karcher pressure washer owners get the best performance and longest service life out of their machines as possible.

Karcher pressure washers are recognized worldwide as some of the toughest, most dependable power cleaning machines in the industry. Like with other high-quality equipment, Karcher pressure washer owners should be ready to maintain and service their machines when necessary.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washers are complicated, water compressing machines and diagnosing them can be a little tricky.

One of the most common pressure washer symptoms is low water pressure (or no pressure). Low pressure symptoms can even present when the washer’s motor seems to be running fine.

Common Causes of Low Pressure in Pressure Washers

1. Lack of power to the machine.

Even if your Karcher pressure washer is running, it may not be receiving the necessary power to produce high water pressure.

* If your pressure washer is electric, compare the power it is receiving from its outlet to the pressure washer’s power specifications in your owner’s manual.

Make sure you’re running your electric pressure washer on an outlet that provides enough power.

* If your pressure washer is gas-powered, a variety of engine tune-up items might be the cause of low pressure.

Replace filters, spark plugs, and belts if necessary.

Check the engine’s oil level and change the oil if it’s been a while between changes.

2. Low or incorrect water supply.

* Check your washer’s GPM rating in your owner’s manual.

 The GPM rating indicates the gallons of water per minute that your washer needs to operate at full pressure.

* Make sure that the water supply is the correct temperature for your pressure washer model. Only run hot water through pressure washer models designed for hot water use.

3. Leaks and/or obstructions in the out-going water line.

Any leak or obstruction along the water path in your pressure washer can cause it to operate at a lower pressure.

Start at the nozzle end of the pressure washer and work your way back to the motor. Check the following parts for dirt build-up, cracks, damage, and wear.

the nozzle

* the washer wand/gun

* hoses

Clean the nozzle and washer wand if they’re dirty. Pressure washer nozzle cleaning tools are even available to help with this.

Nozzle Cleaner

Check the nozzle, gun, and hoses for cracks and other signs of heavy wear. If any of the above parts are worn or damaged, they will have to be replaced in order to return pressure to your Karcher pressure washer.

4. Mismatched pressure washer parts.

When replacing wands, filters, nozzles, hoses and other Karcher pressure washer parts, only use Original Equipment Manufacturer parts that correspond exactly to you pressure washer’s model.

Any mismatched part in any area of the pressure washer can cause it to lose pressure.

Karcher Pressure Washer Parts Lookup makes it easy to find exactly-matching Karcher pressure washer replacement parts for your washer model.

The Karcher 395 M-Plus Pressure Washer

We’ll use the Karcher K 395 M-Plus model for a parts look-up example.

1. Enter the washer’s model number in the Model Number search field located at the top-left of every eReplacementParts website page.

For our example, typing “K 395 M-Plus” in the search field will display all matching models. Matching your pressure washer’s type number will then take you to the correct parts page.

2. Once you’re on your pressure washer’s parts page, use its parts list and breakdown schematics to locate the parts needed to restore pressure to your machine.

Pressure Washer Parts

 Some of the parts for the K 395 M-Plus might include:

Like we mentioned, pressure washers are relatively complicated machines, and even simple problems like low pressure can have more causes than those listed here.

Often, a thorough inspection of the entire pressure washer is necessary to discover what is causing the issue and which Karcher parts need to be replaced in your equipment. distributes parts for tools and machines, but we also provide information tools that help our customers follow through with their diagnoses and repairs.

Visit our “How to Diagnose a Pressure Washer” article for more-detailed information about the kinds of problems that pressure washers encounter and how to fix them.

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  1. When they were made in germany they could run for years.the new chinese made ones only last one summer and their shot.don’t waste your money I’ve gone through 5 in the last 4 years.junk!

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