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Posted by on August 31, 2012    |    3 Comments   

Nothing can mess up a family’s weekly routine like a broken washer or dryer. We often take these appliances for granted, until they break. That’s when we realize that work clothes, school clothes, and all the other laundry piling up will have to continue piling up until we can get the darned thing fixed. Luckily for you, you can cut down on the wait by using our line of appliance parts, including Whirlpool parts, to fix these necessary clothes-cleaners yourself.

Many of you already know we’re the place for power tool and lawn equipment parts. We also stock tons of appliance parts for all your in-home repair needs. We have GE parts, Maytag parts, and, as I mentioned before Whirlpool parts. This includes Whirlpool washer parts, Whirlpool dryer parts, and even Whirlpool gas dryer parts. Need a Whirlpool dryer heating element? We have you covered. Or do you need something simpler, such as a Whirlpool timer? We have the Whirlpool lid switch you need to get to washing again, and parts for Whirlpool front load and Whirlpool top load washers. I guess what I’m saying is why spend all that money and waste all that time waiting on a repair man when we can get you parts fast and you can fix the machines you rely on yourself? 

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In case you haven’t checked our ever-expanding brand listing lately, we are now carrying parts for the appliance giant General Electric.  And we stock parts for just about any GE appliance you can think of; GE microwaves, GE dishwashers, GE dryers, and GE refrigerators, and many more. GE has been making top of the line appliances for over 50 years and continues to be the front runner in technology and innovation. 

Today I’d like to introduce our customers to our line of GE refrigerator parts. Whether you need a new GE refrigerator water filter or some GE ice maker parts, you can find them in our GE appliance parts section of our website. If you are trying to find those hard-to-find replacement GE water filters, we have them.  We even have that hard-to-find GE refrigerator motherboard. Each model will have its own parts diagram with an interactive interface to help you find the exact part that you need to make your GE fridge repair as easy as possible. Our GE appliance parts section extends to include: GE dishwasher parts, GE microwave parts, GE washer and dryer parts, and even GE air conditioner parts.

Next time you need a replacement for your GE appliance, look no further than



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Fall is just around the corner, and that means the leaves will start falling soon. To help get you ready, I’ve two videos on leaf blower repair: one for hand-held blowers and another for backpack blowers. You can find all the leaf blower parts you need, including Echo leaf blower parts and Homelite leaf blower parts on our website. We even have carburetors for both models if it’s time to replace the carb in your blower. 

Up first, How to Maintain a Handheld Leaf Blower:

And now I present, How to Maintain a Backpack Blower: 

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No summer would be complete without an official ending; A send off to the wonderful months that gave you that brutal sunburn.  You’ve experienced too many good things during those hot months to let them slip away without some sort of formal goodbye.

Luckily, we have the great holiday known as Labor Day.

If you’re like me, its the last chance to gather up friends and family in the backyard and reminisce about the good times you have had over the last three months. Or it’s just an excuse to pull out the grill and throw down some steaks. That’s why I decided to help you spice up your Labor Day party with a few ideas from the web and from my personal party planning handbook.

Get your grill up to par this holiday by checking our grill parts finder.

Photo by jdavis via Flickr

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Many of you are probably familiar with popular grill models from companies such as Char Broil, Weber, and Coleman. Today I’m going to highlight one of the lesser known lines we sell parts for: Blue Ember Grills. Blue Ember makes high-end grills with features you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. With one of these bad boys on your back patio, you’ll get more than just a huge grilling surface. Many of their models include amazing features like included rotisseries, a built in smoker box, and an ice chest were you can store refreshments before using the built-in bottle opener. With one of these things, you’ll definitely be doing more than just cooking.

And if you already own one of these sweet grill machines, remember that we have all the Blue Ember BBQ parts you need, including Blue Ember misc parts such as grease pans, rotisserie rods, and casters.  Some of the Blue Ember parts we stock include covers, replacement thermometers, handles, and a variety of other Blue Ember grill parts to keep you cooking well into the fall and winter. Because let’s face it, if you own a grill this awesome, you’re going to want to use it all year round.

Check out Blue Ember’s grills here.