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Tool and machine owners just beginning at-home repair often mention how becoming repair-minded makes it easier to spot money-saving opportunities. Before you know it, you find yourself applying your parts replacement knowledge to all kinds of machines.

It can also be surprising how many tools and machines we start to notice that actually contribute to our lives, ones we hadn’t given a second thought before.

Power Wheels Jeep

Among the common household machines that power our lives–like vacuums, blenders and mixers–the popular Power Wheels
ride-on vehicles might be some of those that get overlooked the most.

Don’t be too quick to call these battery powered cars mere toys. Power wheels are larger than the average power tool and lawn & garden machine, and they represent an equally substantial financial investment for their owners.

Like all machines, Power Wheels are in need of regular maintenance and the occasional parts replacement.

Rolling that Power Wheels car out of the garage on a sunny day just to find it inoperable can be disappointing.

Power Wheels LogoWe’re happy to announce our support of Power Wheels parts here at, helping DIY parents keep those awesome toys on the roa . . . uh  . . . sidewalk with our specialized online parts ordering system.

Power Wheels vehicles are much like large, cordless electric power tools, being that they have an electric motor powered by a 6 or 12 volt battery.

In fact, if you’re a Power Wheels owner you may already know that a Power Wheels battery replacement is one of the most common Power Wheels repairs.

With the streamlined parts matching search and breakdown schematics, it only takes seconds to find a matching battery for your Power Wheels product. Simply type the model number of your child’s Power Wheels in our parts finder and you will navigate straight to your product’s parts page!

Power Wheels Battery

Power Wheels batteries can be ordered on from anywhere, and, with our international shipping service, they can be shipped anywhere too. Ordering an extra battery to have on hand is as convenient as can be.

Power Wheels Replacement Wheel

Perhaps not surprisingly, wheels  tend to be the next most common parts replacement for Power Wheels ride-ons. Power Wheels wheels are obviously essential for the vehicle’s function, and the good news is that they’re easy to find and replace with the help of eReplaceParts.

Search for your Power Wheels wheel replacement with the product model number and look to’s articles and videos section in the coming weeks for detailed instructions on common Power Wheels repairs!

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Do-it-yourself-ers experienced with tool and machine repair can tell you that saving money is one of the biggest perks of taking repair matters into their own hands.

Combine that substantially-lighter shop bill with our fast and accurate ordering and shipping services here at, and home tool repair becomes more of a hobby than a chore in no time. More and more tool and machine owners everywhere are finding out how easy it is to begin a regular practice of proper tool maintenance and repair.

Vacuum Repair

With the addition of the Vacuum Parts section to the eReplace inventory, DIY repairmen have a new area of home machine repair to benefit from. With parts pages and schematic breakdowns for every vacuum model, our site gives customers the confidence of knowing that the right O.E.M vacuum part is on the way.

Many tool and machine owners who are already experienced with repairing saws, lawn trimmers, and grinders may not be familiar with vacuum repair. And many vacuum owners may have little or no experience with repairs at all.

We’d like to offer a few reasons why home vacuum repair is a smart idea for every vacuum owner:


Why Should I Repair My Own Vacuum?

1. Combine parts orders.

If you’re already in the practice of tool repair, then you’re already ordering seasonally replaced parts for things like tune-ups on gas-powered equipment.

Wear parts, like electrical power tool carbon brushes, are also parts that are best-replaced at regular intervals.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner      Drill Driver

Likewise, there are several vacuum replacement parts that also wear at regular intervals. Vacuum agitator belts and vacuum filters should be replaced so regularly, in fact, that it’s a very good idea to have a couple spares lying around for when it’s time. 

Walk-Behind MowerHonda Small Engine

That way, you’re never without the use of your vacuum while you wait for a minor part like a belt to arrive in the mail.

2. Don’t be without the use of your vacuum.

Often, a part of a machine will break that doesn’t stop the machine from working. Such is the case with vacuums too.

Traditionally, something like a cracked housing that doesn’t greatly affect the operation of the cleaner would still put the vacuum in a shop for a few days or more while the part was being replaced.

Thanks to convenience and precision of’s online parts ordering system, a non-essential part failure doesn’t have to separate you from the use of your vacuum.

For parts like vacuum housings, just order the part right here on our site and keep putting that machine to work while we pack the part up and ship it out.

3. We offer professional step-by-step instructions for vacuum repair and parts replacement. 

As part of our vacuum parts launch, is ready to offer both parts and information to help vacuum owners with their home repairs.

Visit our articles section to read these helpful repair articles:

Vacuum Belt

How to Replace a Vacuum Belt

Vacuum belt replacements are one of the most common vacuum repairs. It’s simple and fast.


How to Replace a Vacuum Cord

How to Replace a Vacuum Cord

Watch this article’s repair video for a demonstration!


Vacuum Filter Buying Guide

Vacuum Filter Buying Guide

Read about the ins and outs of vacuum filter types, features, pros, and cons.



Take advantage of home vacuum repair with the Dirt Devil parts, Electrolux parts, Eureka parts, Hoover parts, Sanitaire parts, Royal parts, and Shop-Vac parts inventories now available at

We’re proud to provide the most complete repair parts and information services on the web, and even prouder to have customers who know what to do with them.