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Posted by on August 23, 2010    |    Leave a reply   

When it comes to manufacturer enthusiasm and loyalty, Milwaukee tool owners are some of the most devoted customers around.

Homeowners and professionals with strong brand preferences often show their appreciation by displaying their favorite tool company logo for all to see. A cool sign in the garage and a of couple stickers for the work truck and tool boxes are usually all it takes for most us make a statement.

But posters and bumper stickers sometimes just aren’t enough for fans of Milwaukee tools. Thanks to the “Milwaukee Ink” section on their website, Milwaukee tool buffs can now show off how they’ve taken their support to a more personal and . . . permanent level by posting pictures of their Milwaukee logo tattoos.

Milwaukee Logo

The performance of Milwaukee’s heavy duty, long lasting, time tested lines of power tools helps to explain what might inspire someone to brandish the electric-looking logo on their skin.

Many tool users spend every day working closely with the equipment that makes their jobs possible. And when it comes to professional crafts and trades, a good tool company’s products can stay with a user just as long (and as a permanently) as a body decoration. To put it simply, great tools become a part of us over time. 

Milwaukee has been busy responding to customer expectations by innovating their tools to match the permanency of their customer’s loyalty.

Here are some new Milwaukee tool parts and accessories on the market that give value back to users:

  • The new Milwaukee Shockwave drill bits and impact driver accessories are designed for up to ten times the life of conventional bits!

A “shockzone” taper in the bits allows for flexibility that makes them less brittle, while the bits’ heat treated steel further strengthens them against breaking.

Milwaukee Shockwave Drill AccessoriesMilwaukee Shockwave Logo

 Forged steel heads and their other features make them perfect for high stress impact driving.

  • To update their V28 series of cordless power tools released in 2005, Milwaukee has also released the new M28 Li-Ion battery and new M28 cordless tool line.


M28 BatteryMilwaukee Cordles Drill Parts

The M28 batteries (pictured above with an M28 drill/driver) include several improvements upon the old V28 models.

Advanced electronics in the M28 optimize battery charging and overall life. The M28 has the same convenient lighting features included on the V28 that display battery charge, and, best of all, they are completely compatible with the old V28 cordless tools!

This means that V28 Milwaukee tool owners can upgrade the performance of their investments with confident cross-compatibility. also goes out of its way to help dedicated tool users get the most out of their products.

Our website’s information tools put the power of professional tool repair in the hands of every user. Use our Milwaukee tool parts breakdown diagrams, smart search features, and detailed parts pages for accurate parts matching.

Milwaukee Parts Diagram

Also, our Tool Repair Articles section is a database of specific, professional quality repair instructions, advice, and demonstration videos for tools of all brands, including Milwaukee.

For example, take a look at our article (and video) on “How to Change the Milwaukee Sawzall QUIK-LOK Blade Clamp Assembly.”

Like the Milwaukee company, we’re determined here at eReplacementParts to help tool owners stay on the job. Our professional level parts replacement and repair help can improve upon the service life of even the industry’s toughest machines.

Posted by on August 2, 2010    |    Leave a reply   

Rockwell tool parts are the another proud addition to the inventory of O.E.M. power tool and equipment parts!

Rockwell Tools Logo

The Rockwell company uses an ambitious manufacturing and marketing approach, that of convincing tool owners that they don’t have to spend so much money to purchase quality tools.

With a consumer-minded deemphasis on expensive marketing strategies that drive tool costs up, Rockwell allows the quality of their products to define themselves without the help of a flashy price tags. Believe it or not, but it’s actually a bit of a challenge to persuade tool buyers that cost doesn’t always equal performance and value when it comes to power tools.

Rockwell RK5100K SoniCrafter

For example, Rockwell boasts its SoniCrafter oscillating tool as one of the most durable and versatile tools on the market. It’s super high frequency oscillation delivers scratchless sanding and precision cutting at a fraction the cost of comparable tool models.

The Rockwell RC3135K Hammer Drill

For more heavy-duty applications, Rockwell offers its “Shop Series” of commercial grade tools and shop machines. The Rockwell RC3135K Hammer Drill pictured above is one that belongs to the Shop Series, offering professional grade tool power at very reasonable prices. and Rockwell seem a good fit to us, if nothing else than because both of our companies do everything we can to put money back in the pockets of professional and non-professional tool owners everywhere.

Quality O.E.M. parts replacement and the right repair know-how can save professionals–and even homeowners–hundreds to thousands of dollars at the repair shop each year, and we’ve made it our mission to quickly and efficiently put those parts and that repair knowledge in their hands.

Rockwell tool owners can save cash double-time by combining the value and reasonable prices of Rockwell tools with  the money-saving convenience of’s online parts ordering service.

See our Rockwell Parts page to view our inventory of O.E.M. Rockwell tool parts, including Rockwell Cordless Drill Parts and Rockwell Grinder Parts.