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Posted by on July 16, 2010    |    Leave a reply   

The Worx brand of electric power tools and outdoor machines carries a distinguished and specialized reputation, that of making high-powered electrical tools in several corded and cordless varieties.

Now, offers its cutting edge online ordering and shipping services for Worx tool and equipment parts.

Of course, electric power tools are no big news to the industry, but Worx is a company with extensive electric-only outdoor equipment lines, including powerful cordless lawn mowers and trimmers!

Worx Logo

According to their mission statement, the Worx company has set out to make “innovative outdoor power tools that make yard work easier.”

So, just how does switching to electric yard tools make the difference in your work load?

  • Electric tools are lighter than gas-powered tools.
  • No need to buy, store, and refill fuel.
  • They are much cleaner, making tool maintenance easier.
  • Because they have fewer parts, electric tools tend to break less often and are much easier to service.
  • Little to no tool maintenance with electric machines, such as winterizing and tune-ups.

And that list is just getting started. In addition to these functional advantages, electric tools are also much better for the environment since they do not directly consume gasoline and do not emit exhaust.

The Worx WG780 Electric Lawn Mower

The Worx WG780 Electric Lawn Mower pictured to the left is a great example of how they have brought real ergonomics and power to the cordless yard tool industry.

The WG780 uses a large 24V battery that is easily removed from the mower for charging, and it can mow over 17,000 sq. ft. on just a single charge!

The Worx WG780 is just one example of the Worx Lawn Mower parts now available at

The Worx WG151.5 Cordless Trimmer

Some tool users might be skeptical of cordless yard tools because they’ve heard that they can take a long time to charge. Well, that may be true for other electric yard tool brands, but not Worx.

The Worx WG151.5 Cordless Trimmer operates on a high tech lithium ion battery that only requires 30 minutes to charge! Get parts for this Worx tool and other Worx Trimmer Parts now right here at!

Although the repairs for electric power tools tend to be easier and less costly than those of gas-powered machines, electric tools and machines still have a number of parts that are designed for wear and replacement.

Keep an eye on your Worx carbon brushes, switches, batteries and power cords when it comes to Worx tools replacement parts, and you’ll be able to get gas-powered life and performance out of your Worx yard tool.