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Posted by on April 6, 2010    |    Leave a reply   

Searching for tool parts is easy at Entering an full model number or part number in our website's search field will take customers directly to that tool's parts page or the specific part being searched for.

For example, if a customer searches "TW1000" in the Model Search field, the search will take the customer directly to the parts page for the Makita TW1000 Impact Wrench, the only tool with a matching model number.

Makita TW1000 Search

Customers can also be taken to results pages that display more than one result for a couple of reasons.

  • Sometimes different tools (even between different manufacturers) have the same model number.
  • Sometimes customers only have part of their tool's model number or only some of the part number for the search.

Parts and tool models from many manufacturers can display in cases like these where more than one match, or many partial matches, are offered. Because of our expanding inventory, multi-result searches like these can sometimes display hundreds of matches that must be sorted.

We've recently added a new search filtering feature that helps customers quickly find the tool or part they're looking for when multiple results are displayed.

Now, customers can narrow their search further (by manufacturer) whenever more than one result displays for their tool model or part number search.

Narrow by ManufacturerManufacturerManufacturer


So if you're not able to get your tool's exact model number but happen to know part of it (or some similar situation), don't worry or hesitate for a second!

Just search with the part of the number you have, and then use the manufacturer dropdown list on the next page to narrow the search further.

In the case of a parts number search that produces more than one result, narrowing the search by manufacturer will make the page display only the parts that are compatible in tools from that manufacturer.

By continuing to streamline website features. we bring our customers the fastest, most accurate online tool and machine parts service possible.