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Posted by on March 30, 2010    |    Leave a reply has two new exciting search applications to announce!

Now it’s even easier to find the replacement parts and information that need no matter where you are on the web, and even (if you use an iPhone) no matter where you are period.

Mozilla Firefox Integrated Search

Mozilla Firefox’s integrated search makes it possible to search a website’s database without first navigating to the website, and it comes as a standard feature of their web browsing software.

There are two ways you can add our website to your Firefox integrated search:

1. Click this link for an Installation Page

Once on the installation page, click the “–Model Number” and “…Part Number” links in the middle of the page. This will automatically install each search feature into your Firefox search bar.

2. You can add our search features to your Firefox search bar by navigating to our Home Page, and then installing them in the browser.

Once on our home page, click the drop-down tab on your integrated search bar in Firefox and add the search features by clicking them:

Add Search Tool

That’s it! Now you can conduct tool and parts searches from any web page on the internet.

Use Integrated Search

Just select the search feature you wish to use in the search bar’s drop-down menu, enter your tool’s model number or part number, and press enter to view your tool’s parts page.

Wait! Do you need to know where to download the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser? Well, this might be your lucky day. Firefox is free, update-able software that can be downloaded from this link:

Mozilla Firefox Download

Start taking advantage of this software’s features, like its integrated search bar!

eReplacementParts iPhone Search Application

This new eReplacementParts search feature is for all those iPhone users out there.

Internet access isn’t always available on the jobsite where most tools are going to run into trouble. Download our new iPhone search application, and you’ll be able to view parts lists and tool breakdowns from anywhere to troubleshoot the problem.

Customers can even place parts orders right from their phones.

In addition, and among other things, our site’s recent blog posts, contact information, and company location are viewable through the application. iPhone Search Application

iPhone owners can download this new application in two ways:

1. Click this link for an official iPhone Apps Download Page.

Once you’re on the page, download and install the application as appropriate.

2. You can also download the new application through your iPhone. Just go to your iPhone’s “App Store” in the phone’s menu. Search “ereplacementparts” in the App Store, and the search tool download will appear.

Now you have the power of our tool and equipment parts database and streamlined ordering system at your disposal no matter where you are!

Use these new search tools to get the most out of’s industry-oriented services, and make us your professional parts warehouse.

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It’s that time to pull your lawn mower and other outdoor equipment out of the garage or shed. Even though we have a couple more weeks before we can expect consistent blue skies and warm temperatures, tomorrow is the official first day of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere), and lawn mower season is just around the corner.

It’s always a good idea to get a jump on servicing your lawn mower and other gas-powered equipment a couple of weeks before you’ll need to put them back to work. If you had a chance to winterize your equipment last fall before storage, then you can expect efficient, long-lasting performance from your machines.

Winterizing gas-powered machines involves:

  • fuel stabilization
  • changing the oil
  • changing spark plugs
  • battery service (if applicable)
  • and a general checkup.

Even though you won’t be able to stabilize your fuel in retrospect, other “seasonal” maintenance can be done (and should be done) year-round.

Read about winterizing maintenance in our How to Winterize Power Tools and Machines article, and get caught up on any gas-powered service issues that might have been overlooked.

OK, so you might be a power tool owner who is on top of maintenance and wondering what else you can do to keep your yard equipment in high gear. Luckily for you, when it comes to gas engines and the tools that use them, the only limit to the maintenance that you can do is the time you have to do it.

Here are a few suggestions for additional mower and yard tool maintenance:

  • Test Engine Compression- Valves and rings that seal an engine will wear with normal use over time, reducing its compression of the air/fuel mixture in the compression cylinder. This low compression will seriously reduce the performance of your mower.

Compression Test

Test- You can test the compression of your mower’s engine by accessing its flywheel. With the machine off, rotate the flywheel by hand counterclockwise. If engine compression is good, the flywheel will rebound quickly and with significant force. If the flywheel rebounds weakly or not at all, it might be time to replace a valve or ring.

  • Degrease and De-Carbon- Degreasing will do more than make your mower. Grease and other gunk can clog areas that need ventilation, can cause the engine to heat up, and even damage some parts. Make sure to use a degreaser that won’t damage plastic and aluminum parts.

Carbon can also build up around the cylinder head, gasket, and valves, and should be scraped off for the best engine performance. Accessing the cylinder head can be tricky, but it shouldn’t be a problem if you have experience with basic engine repairs. Plus, it might be time for a replacement gasket while you’re in there.

Cleaning Carbon Buildup

  • Check the Breather- Many mower engines have a crankcase breather usually located over the valve chamber. Because it lets excess heat and gas out of the crankcase, it should be checked at least every couple of years.

It’s time to replace the breather if the tiny holes on its body are closed, or if there is no longer a gap between its fiber valve and body.

Visit our Home Page at to find the parts you need for your seasonal equipment repairs and maintenance. Our inventory is stocked with parts for all your favorite brands.

Like, for example, our selection of Murray replacement parts for their lines of cultivators, edgers, lawn mowers, lawn tractors, and trimmers. An online inventory here to take care of all your maintenance and parts replacement needs.

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Homelite Logo

Homelite outdoor power tools and machines have earned recognition, and even fame, throughout the company’s history.

Not only were they the first company to introduce a gas-powered hedge trimmer to market, but they are even more well known for producing the first light-weight, hand operated chainsaw in 1963, the XL-12.

The XL-12’s slim twelve pound total weight made an impact on professional and personal use chainsawing everywhere, but strangely enough, it also received some pop culture recognition for being used in the 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre film.

Homelite has continued to introduce innovative chainsaw designs over the years:

  • Zip StartTM This Homelite patented system makes cord starting gas-powered chainsaws much easier as faster.
  • Safe-T-TipTMThis unique nose guard makes it easier for the saw to engage its work by stabilizing the nose. It also works to reduce vibration and prevent kickback.
  • Power StrokeTM– A design that improves engine start-up, life, and power.


Homelite Chainsaw

Homelite trimmers are also very well circulated, and are known for time-saving convenience features. Their many trimmer models include gas and electric designs, and are especially suited for homeowners and non-professional applications.

  • Pro CutTM Trimmer Head The most time consuming part of any lawn trimming job is refilling the trimmer’s cutting line. This design feature from Homelite makes replacing that trimmer line fast and easy.
  • Push Button Starter– A battery powered electric starting system available on many of their gas powered trimmers.

Example: The Homelite UT-41002 15″ Trimmer

Homelite UT41002 Line Trimmer

At, our online tool and machine parts inventory includes replacement parts for Homelite chainsaws, trimmers, blowers, lawn mowers, and more.

Owners of Homelite lawn and garden products can make their tool’s comfort and convenience last for years with simple, cost-efficient maintenance and parts replacement. Find your Homelite tool’s breakdown diagram and parts list by typing its model number in the part finder on our home page.

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If you’re looking to buy a new lawn mower, and especially if you’ve come across MTD‘s impressive lines of lawn and garden equipment, you may have considered indulging yourself with a major upgrade:

Is my lawn big enough for a riding tractor, or do I just stick to the conventional walk-behind mower?

MTD Logo

Like the wording of the question suggests, the size of your lawn should determine whether you really have a need for a riding unit.

The general rule of thumb is that if your lawn exceeds 100 ft. sq., then it might be worth it to consider the time saving investment of a riding tractor. A riding mower might be a bit of overkill if your lawn is any smaller, but there’s no law against taking it easy if the idea of shaded, drink-holder-access mowing is just too irresistible.

Don’t let it stifle your excitement, but you still have some critical (and fun) decisions to make if your heart is set on an MTD riding mower. In the first place, MTD riding tractors come in two varieties-“lawn tractors” and “garden tractors.” So what’s the difference?

In general, the major difference between lawn and garden tractors is size.

  • Lawn tractors are designed for smaller acreage and lighter-duty mowing needs that don’t require extra horsepower or heavy-duty mower construction.
  • Garden tractors, on the other hand, are bigger all around, with larger wheels, more horsepower, heavier frames and transmissions, and are made for large acreage jobs and high torque applications.

The more specific differences between MTD lawn tractors and MTD garden tractors have to do with attachment options.

  • Lawn tractors can use work attachments that do not engage the soil, like dozer blades, grass catchers, mulch kits, snowblowers, and tow-behind assemblies.

MTD Dozer Blade Attachment

MTD Lawn Tractor Dozer Blade Attachment

  • Garden tractors can use all of the attachments that lawn tractors can, plus attachments that engage the soil. This is because attachments like tillers, plows, harrows, and cultivators need the extra power that garden tractors offer.

MTD Harrow Attachment

MTD Garden Tractor Harrow Attachment

So really, the choice between garden tractors and lawn tractors comes down to what kind of work you need the machine to do.

When it comes to attachments though, the varieties that MTD offers do not stop at those we’ve mentioned here by any means. Other accessories include things like:

  • tire chains
  • grass collection systems
  • ramps
  • tow-behind carts
  • sunshades
  • and more

Some patented MTD riding tractor options actually affect the compatibility of some types of attachments. Many models of MTD tractors include their special AutoDrive™ system that makes driving a tractor much like driving a car. Attachments for MTD AutoDrive™ models are made for fast installation by virtue of another patented design feature, FastAttach™, which makes attachments changeable without tools.

Lawn tractor or garden tractor, attachments or no attachments, is an authorized dealer of genuine replacement parts for MTD’s full lines of outdoor equipment. Our huge inventory includes parts for MTD chippers, edgers, snowblowers, and trimmers, among others. We also carry MTD attachment parts like those discussed above.

Our online parts replacement service is here to keep your MTD riding tractor running strong, so you can enjoy your rightful place in its seat