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Posted by on February 15, 2010    |    Leave a reply   

Bolens is one outdoor tool and equipment brand that has a large presence across the customer spectrum of the lawn and garden industry. Bolens’ product diversity and marketing place time-saving power tools in the hands of all kinds of home owners and professionals, engineering their products to meet budgets and performance needs.

Bolens Logo

Many of the light, affordable, and most-used Bolens products out there are their gas powered machines, which all use various types of small engines to get that yard work done. Although different from machine to machine, the small engines used in gas powered Bolens equipment have similar maintenance requirements, and run in to similar situations when ordering parts.

Like other gas powered tools, the engines used in Bolens machines should see some normal parts replacements in their lifetimes. Some of the most commonly replaced parts that have to do with small engine repair and/or service are:

  • spark plugs
  • fuel caps
  • starter cords
  • air filter housings, and
  • oil fill caps

So, lets say this time it’s a spark plug for a Bolens 13AM762F065 Lawn Tractor (like the one pictured below), and I pop over to to find the part that matches the Bolens model number of my tractor…

The Bolens 13AM762F065 Lawn Tractor

But wait. Is that a Bolens engine on that tractor (or tool)?

Chances are that the small engine used on a Bolens power tool comes from a separate manufacturer, and this is a question that Bolens and other gas powered outdoor tool users frequently ask us.

Bolens, a member of the MTD family of brands (including Troy-Built, Yard Man, and Yard Machines), contracts the specialty of small engine manufacturers for their products, much like many other lawn and garden equipment manufacturers. That means that when a replacement part is needed that relates to a tool’s gas engine, the part has to be matched to the model number of the engine, not the tool.

Most Bolens gas powered tools are matched up with the dependable, well-known Briggs & Stratton brand of engines. If your Bolens product has a Briggs & Stratton engine, the good news is that carries parts both for your tool, and its engine.

So, first check to see if your Bolens tool uses a Briggs & Stratton engine. If so, here are the steps to find the matching part you need for your tool:

1.       Find the stamped number.

If your tool’s engine is a Briggs & Stratton make, it will have a stamped model/type/code number (pictured below) somewhere on the engine, often on or near the starter housing.

Briggs & Stratton Model Number

2.       Type the engine model number in our model number search field.

 Model Number Search Bar

This will direct you to that engine’s parts page.

3.       One more step before an accurate parts match.

That Briggs & Stratton type number will also be needed to narrow down parts that match your engine’s type.

Each Briggs & Stratton engine parts page on our website has an additional search feature (pictured below), just above the engine’s breakdown diagram.

Briggs & Stratton Type Search

By entering the Briggs & Stratton type number in this field, the parts page for that engine model number will refresh and display only the parts that match the engine type number as well.

Not all Bolens lawnmowers, lawn tractors, edgers, log splitters, snowblowers, tillers and trimmers use Briggs & Stratton engines, but many of them do, so take a look at that engine make before heading online to make a parts order.

Whether Bolens or any other brand that uses Briggs & Stratton small engines, customers at can get the parts they need all in one place with our specialized search features, ordering and shipping service.

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Poulan boasts a long history of quality outdoor equipment manufacture, with lines of power chainsaws, line trimmers, lawn mowers, lawn tractors, tillers, and blowers. And their company continues to innovate product design with models like the Poulan ES350 Electric Chainsaw, an environmentally and economically friendly power tool solution.

The Poulan ES350 Electric Chainsaw

We recently ran across an interesting story in an article that also links together the economy, friendliness, and Poulan chainsaws, although in a very different way. As the article we've linked below reports, a thief left a rather polite "Sorry" note after making off with a Poulan chainsaw, telling the previous owner that "times are hard."

"Car burglar leaves note: 'Sorry bro, times are hard'"

We also found an interesting listing for a home that includes a Poulan riding mower as part of its "negotiable items" for sale of the property.

Considering the heavy handed role of the housing market in the economic shake-up, the value of Poulan products is certainly being appreciated when their equipment can contribute to the sale of a large home.

Along with a suggestion to keep those valuable tools stored correctly and locked up, also offers OEM parts replacement for Poulan machines and equipment as one of our dozens of supported brands. Because when it comes to making the most with what you have and power tools, a dependable parts replacement resource is the most important ingredient.