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Posted by on January 20, 2010    |    Leave a reply   

We’re starting out 2010 with the addition of another brand name to our inventory here at Karcher replacement parts are now available on our website service for their lines of pressure washers, steam cleaners, vacuums, and sweepers.

Karcher Logo

As far as international equipment manufacturer companies being international goes, Karcher is a globally recognized mega-brand. They produce diverse lines of both commercial and residential cleaning equipment, and have brought many innovations to the industry. The word “Karcher” is even used synonymously with “pressure washer” in several countries, kind of like how we might say “Band-Aid” to mean medical bandage. Feel free to try it out for size at dinner parties when your vocabulary could use some international sophistication.

Karcher is also recognized worldwide for its involvement in several large-scale cleaning projects of famous landmarks. They have put their own products to the test by volunteering to daringly clean sites like the 130 ft. tall Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, The Colonades in Rome, Seattle’s Space Needle, the Statute of Liberty, and even Mount Rushmore (pictured below).

Karcher Cleaning Mount Rushmore

These projects take a lot more than manpower to complete too; they take precision planning and experience. Cleaning already-eroding monuments like Mount Rushmore with power pressure washers is much more like finely-tuned, large scale curating than a “point and shoot” kind of operation. Although experts in their field, some of the projects that Karcher has taken up have also given them cause to do some head-scratching. This New York Times article is an interesting read if you’d like to know more about the painstaking care Karcher has taken when restoring sensitive historical surfaces.

As a new eReplacementParts supported brand, Karcher is a little different in that they exclusively manufacture cleaning equipment. Although certainly power tools in their own right, the vacuum, sweeper, and pressure washer parts that we’ve had in stock up until now have belonged to strictly power tool and outdoor equipment manufacturing brands like Ridgid and MTD. With the addition of Karcher, we’re doing our part to keep those cleaning machines in good repair so they can keep doing their part cleaning house on the world.

The most exiting thing about the Karcher company might be what we’ve saved for last in this post…

They make robots:

The Karcher RC3000 Robotic Cleaner

Pictured above is the Karcher RC3000 (They even have awesome, droid-like, Star Wars-esque model names), part of Karcher’s line of robotic cleaners. Talk about making the world a better place!

So, if your Karcher machine is in need of a parts replacement, you know now that you can depend on’s precision ordering and shipping service to get your tool moving dirt and cutting grime again.¬†And if you ever doubt that your Karcher machine is worth the love that good maintenance requires, just remember…they make robots!

(Seriously, robots.)

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Regardless of the kind of product being made, manufacturers often increase the impact of their company on an industry by introducing new product lines (and successfully so), although, this isn’t always the case.

Briggs and Stratton, a manufacturer of small engines and outdoor equipment, is a company that has earned its far-reaching and reputable status in the industry by making its products versatile for many uses, rather than just branching out into many areas of manufacture type. Although their lines of air compressors, generators, outboard motors, pressure washers, and water pumps are diverse, it’s really their tradition of small engine manufacture that makes the Briggs and Stratton name such a well known one in so many niches of engineering appreciation.

Briggs and Stratton small engines are used in log splitters, riding mowers, trimmers and other outdoor equipment across the industry, and they’ve earned the respect of their users by returning investment in the form of durability, performance, and environmentally conscientious design. This way, their company’s products reach an expansive variety of applications and uses through this one product line, but use of Briggs and Stratton small engines doesn’t quite end (or begin) with the expected sorts of uses.

Since the early beginnings of the company in 1908, Briggs and Stratton has been invested in the racing industry and still continues support of competitive racing and manufacture of small engines designed for small dragsters and mini cars. In fact, one of the company’s earliest products was a 1hp motor called the Motor Wheel that was adaptable to both bicycles and scaled down roadsters.

Briggs and Stratton Red Flyer

As a small engine manufacturer, their efforts are fittingly aimed at inspiring and encouraging each new generation of racers to keep the sport going, and their name is just as respected in the world of racing as it is in the world of outdoor equipment. Today, they produce engines that span a wide range of horsepower and size adaptable to almost any need.

Briggs and Stratton Racing

Well, with a devotion to racing and a product line that includes riding mowers, maybe it’s not hard to see where this is heading… You guessed it; Briggs and Stratton engines also gets a great deal of lip service and use in the arena of riding lawnmower racing. Their engines have proven conveniently upgradable and adaptable to mower racers, and their line of engines is broad enough to cover every mower racing division.

Regardless of the uses that owners of Briggs and Stratton engines and products put their machines to, the O.E.M. parts that keep those machines and engines running great are the same and available here at

Whether you’re tuning up your small engine for drag race or a another summer of racing the growth rate of your lawn, take advantage of our detailed breakdown schematics and quick parts finding features on our website for your maintenance and parts replacement.