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Posted by on December 28, 2009    |    Leave a reply   

2009 has been a big year for the power tool industry. No matter what the state of the global economy, the need for power tools and machines continues to increase world-wide, and the industry continues to reinvent itself and its products to serve customers in changing circumstances.

Tool trade shows like the STAFDA convention (Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors Association) are the hottest front-line venues where tool and machine manufacturers show off their latest gadgets and newest improvements.

STAFDA LogoIn the interest of appealing to money-saving durability, JET introduced a new line of “Unbreakable Handle” hammers this year.

JET Unbreakable Hammer

With a well-known reputation for producing some of the toughest shop tools and equipment around, JET also meets these expectations in their line of hand tools by fully guaranteeing these hammers’ tempered steel handles.

Makita also rattled the power tool industry this year by making one of its most specialized tool design features available in more models.

Makita Rotary HammerMany smaller Makita rotary hammer models now benefit from the manufacturer’s unique sequential hit technology that was previously available only in larger hammers. With precisely timed bit rotation and piston striking, Makita sets a standard for fast, energy efficient drilling.

Some innovations by manufacturers have gotten really high tech this year too. One example is Bosch’s eyebrow-raising advances in laser level technology.

Bosch Dual Plane Laser Level

 Their new dual plane laser levels (like the one pictured above) lack the typical spinning laser heads that would normally rotate to make a horizontal plane of light. Instead, they simply shine the light at a specially shaped reflective cone that scatters it into a two dimensional plane without moving parts, drawing a sharp line of creativity for their competition.

We at have also been busy this year meeting the needs of the growing replacement tool and machine parts industry. After all, an expanding power tool industry means more parts for those tools and machines.

2009 has come with the addition of parts from over 20 brand name manufacturers to our inventory, including Briggs and Stratton, MTD, Campbell Hausfeld, Bolens, and Murray. has also seen several innovations to the website this year, including discussion features, customer product reviews, repair questions, and the most user-friendly search features and service around.

The approaching New Year makes this season more than one of reflection on the past, because new resolutions and commitments to the future also come with the calendar change.

Our valued customers can look forward to the same eReplacementParts commitment to service this year as any year. Keep an eye out for more parts availability from more top-of-the-line manufacturers, more customer-minded website features, and more of the same quality parts replacement service keeping those tools in great shape from year…to year.

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The holiday season has seen a lot of changes in past decades and recent years. Even the way that we talk about the holidays has changed.

Recognizing the diversity of ways that people energetically celebrate and thoughtfully observe various traditions this time of year sometimes makes simple things, like conveying “season greetings,” complicated. After all, it is difficult (if not impossible) to acknowledge such a wide range of cultures and backgrounds in a neatly-packaged, five-syllables-or-less salutation.

Even groups that share traditions of observing the same holiday practice their observance in drastically different ways world-wide, and are reinventing holiday traditions every year.

Indeed, the practice of custom-fitting traditions and social customs to spread the cheer around as far as it can go might itself be the new, overarching holiday trend.

So here we are,, wanting to spread our holiday blog wishes in the face of so many considerations.

In the spirit of custom-fitting, holiday tradition “replacement” (had to be done), we’ve decided to risk disaster and try to make it our own too.

We initially thought a song would be pretty straight forward and easily negotiated. Like:

“On the fourth day [of my project], eReplacementParts shipped to me…

Four hole saw mandrels!

Hole Saw MandrelHole Saw MandrelHole Saw MandrelHole Saw Mandrel

Three Ryobi saw blades!

Ryobi Circular Saw BladeRyobi Circular Saw BladeRyobi Circular Saw Blade

Two Bolens string trimmer carburetor gaskets!

Bolens Carburetor Gasket Bolens Carburetor Gasket

And a breaker circuit for my Briggs and Stratton 5,000 Watt PowerBoss Portable Generator!!!”

Breaker Circuit

We couldn’t quite get the rhymes right…’s tradition, as a company, is specializing in replacement parts service for power tools and machines, so any attempt at starting a new holiday tradition on our part will have to reflect, in some way, what brings us together as a business.

After careful consideration, we’ve decided to debut the first ever Power Tool and Machine Parts Holiday Tree, all trimmed up with today’s featured manufacturers as click-able link ornaments in blog sensibility fashion.

It just might be the first electronic image map-linked power tools and machine holiday blog tree ever, but you never know.

Either way, please enjoy: Holiday Tree

Whatever your holiday traditions, we extend our warmest season’s greetings and best wishes.

Ryobi Circular Saw Blade
Bolens Parts Yard Man Parts Bostitch Parts Murray Parts Campbell Hausfeld Parts MTD Parts Briggs and Stratton Parts Poulan Parts Homelite Parts




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We’re typing like crazy to keep our blog up to date on all of the recent brand name additions to’s inventory this month.

Wilton Tools Logo Jet Tools LogoLast week we launched our first of the Walter Meier tool and machine brand names with the addition of Powermatic parts to our inventory. is now proud to announce the addition of Wilton and JET brand replacement parts as the newest additions to our online inventory, rounding out the Walter Meier triforce of manufacturing machine products.

No, not like

Milton from Office Space

from Office Space…

And not like

Wilson the Ball

,the ball.

And not like

Jet the Band

,the band…

Or like

A Jet

…a jet.

We mean JET and Wilton, two of the finest producers of metalworking, woodworking, and power tool products in the industry.

(With all of the recent expansion, we thought it would be a good idea to clear up any possible confusion.)

Like Powermatic, the Wilton and JET names include large shop machines. But unlike Powermatic, its counterparts are not exclusive to large machines only, as they also include power tools as part of their product lines.

Parts for JET bandsaws, drill presses, dust collectors, grinders, jointers, lathes, mortisers, sand rammers, sanders, and table saws can now be ordered from our website.

Wilton parts are also available for their lines of bandsaws, cold saws, drill presses, grinders, and sanders.

Although even simple things (like names) can sometimes be tricky to keep straight, we at keep the needs of our customers in mind by organizing and categorizing thousands and thousands of parts for thousands of tools.

Our detailed tool breakdowns, parts lists, and streamlined search features transform the would-be chaos of tool and machine parts replacement into a fast, enjoyable, dependable service.

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Powermatic Logo

We’ve expanded our inventory and product selection once again here at, this time with the addition of parts for large Powermatic brand shop machines!

In 1921, Powermatic’s founder, Leonard F. Smith, Sr., began manufacturing planing machines with a combination of innovation, quality, and entrepreneurship. One of the things that makes this company unique is that it has kept its manufacture exclusive to heavy duty woodworking machines over the entire course of its long history.

This makes Powermatic a very specialized company that services an equally specialized industry of woodworking professionals.

In a continuing expansion of our tool and machine parts services to as many brands and corners of the industry as possible, parts for Powermatic bandsaws, boring machines, cut off saws, dovetail machines, drill presses, dust collectors, jointers, lathes, panel saws, planers, powerfeeders, rip saws, sanders, shapers, and table saws are now available for order here on

Powermatic machines are heavy duty (to say the least). Many of their products are manufactured from cast iron, heavy gauge steel and other “no-expense-spared” components throughout, so these machines are expected to handle very heavy workloads for years and years.

Any high quality machine is still a machine; luxury sports cars still need repairs and maintenance to stay on the road, and it’s safe to say that even something like an armored tank could use a pit stop every now and then.

Likewise, and especially considering the daily, professionally-sized workloads they power through, Powermatic woodworking machines need users who are ready to work on them and replace the occasional part.

Powermatic does an especially great job of making detailed information regarding their products available to customers, including information on use and maintenance.

Their commitment to do more for their customers by putting information tools in their hands is another factor that makes them a fitting addition to eReplacementParts’ lengthening list of supported manufacturers.

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We proudly announce the addition of Campbell Hausfeld brand name parts to’s ever-expanding inventory!

Campbell Hausfeld Logo

Like other tool and machine brand name powerhouses, the Campbell Hausfeld name is one that has earned industry respect and loyalty with a long history of professional performance and innovative design.

Starting way back in 1836 in Harrison, Ohio, the Campbell brothers partnered up around their blacksmithing operation and began producing wagons, cultivators, and other farming equipment. Their first big break came with the commercial-use launch of their patented corn drill in 1863, also marking a shift in the company towards the production of work tools.

The business grew and transformed over the following century and a half, including a merger with Joseph Hausfeld’s foundry company and accompanying name.

Today, Campbell Hausfeld manufactures a wide variety of tool and machine products crossing more than one industry. In the power tool and machine business, their products are engineered for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

Parts for Campbell Hausfeld air compressors, power nailers, pressure washers, pumps, and welder/generators are now available for ordering at

Sharing our customer-utility approach to their products and services, Campbell Hausfeld not only supplies the industry with great products, they also provide users with up-to-date product information, “how-to” instruction, and product reviews.

One such product is the Campbell Hausfeld PW3270 Gas Powered Pressure Washer. At 2.5 gallons per minute and 3200 psi, this industrial style pressure washer really can really cut through some dirt.

Campbell Hausfeld PW3270 Pressure WasherThis product’s breakdown diagram and complete parts list can be viewed on its parts page, as with other the other Campbell and Hausfeld products we now offer. Also, customers can be the first to review Campbell Hausfeld products on our site by accessing each parts page’s discussion feature.

In combination with expanding our inventory, we also work hard to provide customers with the “information tools” they need to keep their products in the best working order possible. Owners of Campbell Hausfeld pressure washers can benefit from our “Articles” section with articles like “How to Diagnose Pressure Washers,” for example. is excited to extend our parts replacement services and information resources to Campbell Hausfeld product owners, making it easier for customers to know what, when, and how to replace parts on their Campbell Hausfeld tools and machines.